MadokaMagica Side Story: Magia Record (mobile game) - TV anime [Takumi Ozawa OST / ClariS/Trysail ED/OP]

The episode was fine...
It did a really good job at taking the original characters (including their traits that we know) and pushing them in a different direction for this Side story. I don't know if it needed a full episode but I guess it also fast forwarded through all the original concepts for newcomers once again (after spending the entirety of ?ep12 of first season on it). Wonder when/if we're going to get deeper into the new DOPPEL concept. I also wonder if they are going to try explaining WHY this Kamihama story is happening this particular loop - just a coincidence/luck or something more?

My only disappointment is that I was looking forward to new Ozawa and I got none, lol.
In all honesty... this was mediocre like most of the first season. I still don't think I care for any of MagiReco's cast.
If it weren't for that short burst of budget during the fight... Idontevenknow. At least I got more on DOPPELs, like I wished.

Not sure about the new BGMs yet but was definitely taken aback by how random "Amazing Artist!" felt.
To be fair though, they only played it once in the first season so maybe I was wrong in assuming it was a theme for Alina.
When they were using tracks randomly at the end of 1st season, I just assumed it was due to budgetary reasons but in the 2nd episode of 2nd season? Sus.

Maybe that's how fans of the original show felt about changes in recap movies, lolz.
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Alright, so I just watched the episode and I have more thoughts. (Also I’m probably going to do this every week just because.)

-Alright so I’ve gotta give a huge round of applause to Sora Amamiya and Kana Hanazawa. They were excellent, as always.

-Like I said last time, I really like the new ClariS OP. Also the sequence is so out of place lol.

-I feel like some of the tracks were misplaced, like what Grunty said. And also, yes, it is very much how I felt about the recap movie sound direction.

-THAT BEING SAID Creeping Darkness was perfect! Worked really well.

-Oh no this show’s trying to do the whole Urobuchi Ethical Dilemma. And, uh, I don’t think it’s working all that well.

-Yui Horie plays Mitama like she’s Touka Levels of Evil. It’s kind of bizarre.

-I’m a bit annoyed how Yachiyo is only preoccupied with Iroha. It’s understandable, but everyone else is also missing See, anime, this is why messing with the game’s story ALL the time isn’t always the best idea.

-Hmm, so what characters do I actually like? Well, there’s Yachiyo, Tsuruno, Momoko, and the Amane Twins (because I used them a lot when I used to play the game for a bit).

-Alright so 5 out of . . . A lot.

-I’m meandering a lot throughout this because I have so little to say about the episode. It was very boring

-Oh yeah Yachiyo and Mifuyu had a fight I guess. Like last week it was very sloppy.

-These brief fights where the animation goes haywire honestly kind of bother me. Not only is it clear that they’re mostly there to keep you around, but also because I have a feeling that this is going to dig Shaft into a corner in a couple weeks.

-At least Kuroe’s actually doing something.

-Wow they’re really bringing out the Sakura thing early, aren’t they? This was around late chapter 8/10 in the game.

-Oh yeah it was a cliffhanger. Man do I miss the OG cliffhangers.

-I have mixed feeling about the ED. The composition isn’t bad, Atsushi Yuasa does an excellent job with the arrangement, but I wish it was an Amamiya solo. Asakura and Natsukawa‘s voices are a bit too light for the song, and it doesn’t really fit all that well. Maybe it will grow on me? I’m not sure.

Anyways so that all happened. Let’s see what next week brings us.

Assuming they do one OST per blu-ray again, OST1 should be 9-?10 tracks (depending if the repeating tracks are seperate renditions or not). I'm not really into the new music as of now, even the action BGMs have nothing on the ones from S1.
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Alright so I’m not going to bother with the Spoiler Tag because I barely had anything to say about that episode. I found It boring and very redundant. A few things though:

1. I like the OST song that plays after the OP.
2. The ED has really grown on me. The sequence is a bit hit or miss but there’s still some cool things in it!
3. Great voice acting. I was particularly impressed with Momo Asakura. And, well, it’s always nice to hear Shiina Natsukawa again.
4. I liked some of the coloring and lighting.
5. Most of the episode was InuCurry Surreal Directorial nonsense. I know it’s a dream, so I’ll cut them some slack, but it could get distracting.

Well, maybe something will actually happen next week?
For some reason, I quite enjoyed this episode. It finally had some neat story stuff.
Bonus points for the regular action scenes - really screams BUDGET at times this season compared to the first.

I was waay more into the music selection this week, too. The old ones grew on me, I guess, and the new ones were dope.
Plus, it has a brand new short arrange of Credens justitiam (I'm expecting it to be longer on OST). Kajiura is credited the same way as in episode 1, "music co-operation" (in the OP this time).
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Shit hitting the fan, seemingly. It was okay...ish? This episode was really all over the place.
I'm hearing this season is heavily overhauled from the original game so maybe that's why a lot of what's happening feels like it's coming out of nowhere and feels dum. It is what it is.

A lot of character moments don't really add up to anything for me but that could be because I honestly never liked any of them after the first season. Or it's just poorly done?
I don't understand why Iroha just ran away on her own again.
And I still don't see why anyone would follow Touka? I thought most of them were getting brainwashed but none of the girls in this episode seemed to be under Touka's control. Her plans are just big word concepts that never say how magical girls are supposed to be saved exactly. I guess they are kids but it's still a frustrating watch.

Brief Thoughts On 4 & 5:

-Doppel Syndrome is no different than witching out.
-Mitama is straight up evil, end of story. Even Kyubey had a reason, Mitama though? Straight up despicable.
-I still love Careless and I still love Lapis.
-While I wish she didn’t show up, Kyoko’s appearance is completely in-character and I love that. Also, while I overall prefer Lauren Landa, Ai Nonaka did a good job!
-Tsuruno! For one minute!
-I know Mitama’s terrible but Touka’s even worse than her.
-Surprised we saw Mifuyu drinking, since she’s a year younger than the Japanese Drinking Age.
-OST is still great. The song at the start of 5 was actually from the game. Nice touch.
-That being said what was up with Credens in 4? It made barely any sense thematically and I don’t like the rearrangement.
-Oh yeah, Ryou’s voiced by Maki Kawase! Hope we get to hear more of her!
-I like Kuroe’s raven/swan motif but her squat is ridiculous.
-Most of the episode was Felicia and Sana and I don’t find them all that interesting.
-I’m getting sick of the Sakuga, it’s distracting and overdone.
-Iroha is boring.
-Kana Hanazawa is such a good Kuroe.
-Also what the heck is up with this pacing? Why are we getting Walpurgis this early? While by no means do I like the game story at least it was coherent!

Anyways this episode came out on the day the announcement of the NA Game Server closing was released, and I found that fitting. Also I was busy last week and didn’t have all that much to say. Welp, let’s see how this trainwreck goes!
-Mitama is straight up evil, end of story. Even Kyubey had a reason, Mitama though? Straight up despicable.
For science! ;-P
-OST is still great. The song at the start of 5 was actually from the game. Nice touch.
Technically it's Ozawa's arrange from s1e10, right? "bygone days".
-That being said what was up with Credens in 4? It made barely any sense thematically and I don’t like the rearrangement.
It felt out of place when they used the original in the first episode of this season, too. I really think they just decided to use Credens for glorious "friendship/teamup" action in this season. I would've been perfectly fine with this choice had they used this new arrange in the first episode (rather than the original) OR had they never used the original for Mami's entrance in episode 5 of the first season... That's kinda what is breaking it for me.

Ditto @ pacing and (in)coherency. And I'm anime only so... poo.
I have no idea what's happening, lol. Or rather, maybe it's all so simple that all the character interactions hurt my brain. The storytelling and action sucked, too. Animation, too. It's all so bland.

Alina's BGM was lulz. Her 30seconds were the only saving grace of this episode.

neoCredens again. Kajiura credited in the OP like on ep1 and 4.
I finished the episode and burst out laughing, for a variety of reasons.

-OST, OP & ED are still absolute highlights. I feel like I have to mention that every week.
-Some lines in the EP aren’t even translated. The characters just move their mouths or speak and nothing’s there.
-Alina is just so done with everything and I love that.
-Random surreal nonsense!
-I love the parts with Yachiyo, Madoka, Homura, and Sayaka. I still don’t like that the OG girls are even here but this is honestly a great combination. I wish we got more of it.
-Iroha is boring.
-What is happening?
-What was up with that Post-Credits scene? I kinda get why it’s there but it’s so weirdly presented.
-So Sana and Felicia give Mifuyu one pep-talk and she’s suddenly convinced? Yeah no I don’t buy that.
-Lots of Cameos!
-Surprise, surprise: they’re running out of money. What a shocker. I totally didn’t see that coming.
-What the heck was Kyoko wearing for that one scene?
-Why are they combining the Mami and Tsuruno fights?
-My absolute favorite part of the episode: So Kyoko and Iroha are fighting at the HQ towards the end, and it’s right before the big climatic moment. Iroha says something like, “Sakura! Let’s do a Connect!” And Kyoko just goes, “Huh?” Literally sums up the entire show and I love that.

Anyways yeah this is a trainwreck, and two more episodes before the season break to go!
I can only guess the translators got the episode reeeeally late or they got an even more rough version than what was streamed...
Anyway, so they released the schedule and the next episode’s been pushed back to the 25th, and we’re just getting a recap this week. Honestly, I’m glad, the more time to work on it the better. Even if the writing won’t improve. Well, I guess I’ve just got to rewatch Episode 7 this week!
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Why is the dialogue in the theatre scene panned to the side. I realize it's a stylistic choice since it's consistent but honestly it's pissing me off.

This midfinale and fight was literal nothing to me. Zero impact.

This season overall just wasn't well made. From writing through directing to everything else.
Sadly, I really didn't care for music this season either.

PS. neoCredens again.
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I don’t have much to say about Episode 7, because most of that was nonsensical setup. Though the Mitama forgiveness was way too sudden, I did quite like Momoko going off at her.

Anyways, as for 8:
-Felicia and Sana are literally just . . . There the entire episode. Like they do some stuff with a hammer but other than that I forgot they were even there sometimes.
-Lol at the non-subbed segments. It’s a real shame because I thought Sora Amamiya and ESPECIALLY Shiina Natsukawa did such a great job, but it sucks when you can’t understand what exactly they’re saying in the psychological analysis segment.
-I found Tsuruno to be pretty interesting so I liked her segment overall. But it needed more polish.
-Thanks, Sakuga Guy, I’m so glad you blew their budget.
-I did find it funny that all of Iroha’s pointless and redundant interjections got subbed though.
-NEMU IS ALSO EVIL. Like if she remembers anything why isn’t she trying to fight against Touka . . . Like, at all? THEY were always the ones bickering in the flashbacks. Has Nemu just given up? Ugh.
-Wow that pacing was bad. Mami got defeated so quickly. Also I did like putting neo-Credens there. It actually fit the scene (for once).
-So Kuroe doppeled out? I think? I really have no idea what they’re attempting to do with her anymore.
-Lapis and Careless are way too good for this show.
-Wait so Walpurgisnacht is going to Mitakihara? So they’re just eliminating half of the game’s conflict? What? I’ve seen some people think that this is a red herring, but why include that detail in the first place? Will they defeat her, or will they all die horribly (except Homura)? Because most of this DID NOT HAPPEN IN THE GAME! This is just bonkers what is this show anymore.

Anyways, I guess we’ll just have to wait until Winter to find out! Goodness me this season was another level of bad. And thank you, Grunty, for also posting about this nonsensical show. Your commentary was spot-on.


1. Alethea
2. Lapis
3. Careless
4. Nigredo
5. Gomakashi

Well, until next time!
I wouldn't really call my posts commentary, lol, but ya...
I don't think those few sakuga parts hurt the rest of the show. If the rest of the show was scripted as it ended up being shown, I don't know what could've saved it...
The pacing was whack. The story was whack. The dialogue was whack.

Now we wait for those final 5 episodes.

Now i know where Shaft got the head tilts from 😻