MadokaMagica Side Story: Magia Record (mobile game) - TV anime [Takumi Ozawa OST / ClariS/Trysail ED/OP]


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It's a completely different universe. Magireco has its own version of the main series' characters.
Oic. I was under the impression it was happening in one of the loops but alright then. Wonder what Homura's wish was in this universe if she became a magical girl even (can only see her in a school uniform in the OP).

Also, "side story" makes less sense now, lol. Should've been called "Re-take" or something. To be honest, now I'm even less interested in this show, lulz.
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At least that's what I read some time ago, hue. Not sure if that changed after some story events. Or maybe it was just a theory, hue.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Gave in and watched ep6 since I was bored, lol. Turned out to be a very good episode actually, with plenty new music.

Edit: And another v gud episode @ 7.

Edit: 29m04s for OST1.
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I like Yuki
OST1 details:

1.Void [2:08]
2.Creeping Darkness 2:10]
3.La chica dijo [1:55]
4.ORO [2:08]
5.La gis sulva za Celow [2:27]
6.She Insisted [1:51]
7.カミハマポリフォニック [2:09]
8.Rumored JINTA [1:53]
9.Magia Curativa [2:14]
10.Fata Magica [2:04]
11.Keraguan [1:52]
12.Philosopher's Play [2:10]
13.Mentiroso [1:58]
14.Paradero de Memoria [1:52]

Track titles are in english, spanish, polish(?), romanian and japanese... I'm not watching the episodes so is this related to this season or is an
eccentricity by Takumi?


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^Eccentricity, I guess. Magical girls are gathering in the city, but so far only one has been non Japanese.


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Well... the show is pretty eccentric... Much more >SHAFT than the original Madoka ever was.

It's not simply about Magical Girls suffering and Kyubeys fighting Entropy... (And before anyone asks me what the show is actually about - I literally have no idea, lol.)

Looking forward to the OST.
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It's on youtube. I think it covers the first 3 or 4 episodes. Whichever episode had that group henshin. Like I said before I think it lacks some more standalone melodies/themes (a lot of tracks feel like improvs or loops), but I like it v much. Would probably buy standalone collection since I also like what comes next in the show's BGM.

I'm guessing OST2 with BD#3 in May and OST3 with BD#5 in July? Unless they only do one more...
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Songs written by Takumi Ozawa
Producer: Yasunori Mori [森康哲] (HIGHWAY STAR)
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Takashi Koiwa (SIGN SOUND)
Recording Studio: SOUND CITY / Studio SoundValley
Musicians Co-ordination: Kazuo Sudo [須藤一男] (HOT WAVE)
Assistant Director: Takuya Kakehashi [梯拓哉] (HIGHWAY STAR)
Score Support: Hiromitsu Ishikawa
Mastering Engineer: Machiko Suzue (Sony Music Studios Tokyo)
Mastering Studio: Sony Music Studios Tokyo

ALL Keyboard & Programming & Chorus: Takumi Ozawa
Guitar: Koichi Korenaga
Bass: Jun Takai
Drums: Seiichiro Hayakawa
Flute: Rie Akagi
Accordion: Saburo Tanooka
Strings: Kiyo Kido Strings
1stViolin: Kiyo Kido, Yoshiko Kaneko, Yumi Arai, Mika Naramura, Yuki Nanjo, Makiko Umehara
2ndViolin: Noriyo Ohbayashi, Yukiko Iwato, Yuki Sugiyama, Rena Kato
Viola: Amiko Watabe, Fumiko Aoki, Naoko Masuda
Cello: Masami Horisawa, Takaya Kimura
Double bass: Naohiro Nasuno
Staff-wise, seems it stayed mostly in the family.


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^No wonder it sounds Kajiura-ish, hue. Even Mori is there
I'm guessing OST2 with BD#3 in May and OST3 with BD#5 in July? Unless they only do one more...
I read it's getting 2 cours, so mebbe 5 OSTs total?

Anyways, I agree that it doesn't have many memorable motifs (kinda feels like most tracks are melodic ambiance), BUT I quite enjoy the, idk, soundscape? she made for the show.
Muh faves are Creeping darkness, La chica dijo, La gis sulva za celow (is she chanting the title?), Rumored JINTA, Fata magica (sounds very Decretum at times hue).
I hope QBs Uwaza song makes it to the soundtrack.


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The QB Uwasa song might come with the 2nd bluray tokuten since it's supposed to be a mini song collection. The credits in ep1 don't mention Ozawa for it. (ウワサ数え唄) J.A. Saezer is credited for the composition which is pretty bizarre, lol. No idea about the listed arranger, can't be arsed to look up the kanji.
The instrumental BGM version that started playing in ?ep6 is great too so hopefully that's OST2.

PS. I don't remember QB singing it again after ep1, lol? The show really doesn't care to do anything with its world or characters. Just one uwasa/witch/magicalgirl battle to the next. I know it's based on a fighting mobage but still... I really only liked episodes 6 and 7.
I guess they have two teams of magical girl "set up" now so it can move on with story stuff but there's only 3 eps left so it's hard to care. Even if the 2nd cour rumour is true.

La gis sulva za celow (is she chanting the title?)
I think you might be right! lol.
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The soundtrack is now on HnA too.

Surprised it has so many Kajiura team staff in the credits, i wonder what went wrong and they didnt pick Kajiura for it ?

"She insisted" is a good example of why Kajiura needs to go back to solo violin and forget the strings unless she has put alot of efford into them like in KnK
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"2nd Season Coming Soon"

"Coming Soon" is kinda vague - wonder if it might take a while before it airs, rather than in July like in usual split-cours. I'm happy for more Ozawa OST though.
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Considering the Corona quarantine, it might take a while till they can start/continue to work on season 2. Plus Shaft, hue.
When's the next OST coming out again?


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At least the last episode was okay. 6-7 still the best of the whole show IMHO.

Also, more than half was all new music, including new ending by Ozawa.
作曲・編曲: 尾澤拓実
            (from ReReGRAPHICS)
The show was really good at "cliffhangers" or, rather, at making me think that surely something finally happens in the next one. Alas, even with this final episode it still only feels like a prologue. Like it was trying to be episode 3 of the original show, except this took 13 episodes...

And I still don't care about Iroha or Yachiyo. At all.

PS. Seems like Ozawa&Shito have been working as ReReGRAPHICS for a while:
They have one single on amazon. I'll gladly get it if it's still available when I start making money again.

A wild Nozaki appeared.

Extra credits for the ending song from Ozawa's twitter:
Guitar:鳴風 /Narukaze
Bass:高橋”Jr.”知治 /Tomoharu "Jr." Takahashi
Drums:野崎真助 /Masuke Nozaki
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Original Soundtrack II confirmed to come with bluray3 @ June 10, 2020 (at least until it inevitably gets delayed :p)

Assuming they include BGM from up to episode 7, some sweet tracks should be included, like the wings of magius track from ep6, the couple of Doppel and Witch fights, Uwasa kazoeuta instrumental arrange as well as


I have reached Yuki nirvana
So I went back to episodes #4-7 and there's really a lot of tracks that I forgot about. Like that deleesh Mizuna Ward legend track and quite a few slice of life tracks. A lot of strictly background music, too. Hopefully the shorter tracks are longer on CD than in the show.

tldr: OST2 could have 21 tracks? If I didn't count something twice kek.
They also played the insert Uwasa kazoeuta off-vocal, but I doubt they would include it. They already played it in episode 3 and it wasn't on OST1.

OST1 did cover all of the first 3 episodes. Other tracks were from the original show (Sis puella magica, Conturbatio, Signum malum) or insert songs found on the 2nd tokuten CD song collection.

Also went ahead and skipped through the 2nd half of the show for OST3, and it should be around 21 tracks if I'm not derping out too much with recognizing and counting tracks (both are likely, lol). Final ending included. In one of my posts above, I said most of the final episode music was new - in reality only the Holy fight, Nazi speech and ending song were actually new. ;p

Wonder if the extra pushback for volume4 is because the 4th tokuten CD is supposed to be a Drama CD that they couldn't record in time due to COVID-19.
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