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I was watching a youtube upload of YAKUSOKU from vol16 and it had those fansubs and engrish "in the waiting morning" and I was like "wut?".

I know figuring out the English parts in Kajiura's songs is a lost cause but what do people think of "in the rainy morning" for the first chorus and "like a river flowing" (or the river, in vol4) for the rest? v( '')v
Someone in YouTube posted their take on Silly-Go-Round Chorus


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Not sure if someone has added this for everlasting song yet, but here are some English verses

- At the solo section after the English bridges:
te o totte futari de kanaderu (singing in the air....)
setsunai ongaku ga (you're my soul)
itsuka wa (you're my heart)
hitotsu ni tokeai
owaranai merodii
sora ni hibiku…

- At the final English verses:
Far in the land of eternity
You're my everlasting song
Song run and fly, you are my soul (I really love this particular line)
Come fly with me
Far in the land of eternity.
'Cause it definitely sounds more like Come than Song.
Maybe Come now and fly, you are my soul? lol.

I so wish Kajiura released a lyric book with official kajiurago and non-JP languages included.

OH I have a wickid idea to try something, brb. nevermind
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