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george1234 said:
Sudrien said:
Not to mention that the "0, 1, or 2 posters" request is horrible database policy


Also dont forget the cases that were spambots and just got banned, without they account getting deleted.
Those deactivations would be my doing. For the same purposes.

1. Deleting information from a database means you can never learn from it. In the case of spammers, it means they can re-register with the exact same name to do the exact same thing and we have no record of it.

A better way to design databases (which phpBB does not do) is simply to have a flag for "user deleted", and filter against that. No data lost.

2. Posts are made in direct reference to their owner. For example, mochispa is not "mochispa" internally; her posts are written by "user 258". If user 258's record is gone, the database will throw a fit. a "Can not display page" fit, because important user information is stored in only one place.
After a review of the user list, 22 users have been deactivated for suspect (read: spammy) webpage links. They all had 0 posts.

It's not what some wanted, but it does conform to the established rules.

Kerahna said:
thanks sud :sohappy:
I think i deleted spambots in the past ^^; so i should just deactivate them now?
Yes, please deactivate the users, so the footprints they leave behind are not destroyed. :ohoho: