Let's Do It

bbPress is designed to work like/with WordPress.

Among other things, we get proper akismet support - I'm sure you know of the thousands of spam messages that blocks on the main site every month - and wordpress integration. Gravitar is your avatar. If you already have a wordpress login, you will not have to re-register.

I'd be installing the latest release candidate.

The current forum becomes a static archive. No login, no new registrations, no new posts.
Everything I have read indicates custom emotes are possible, if not part of the standard configuration.


Thank you. :bow:

Even if we can't post in the old forum, can we still reference it and link to it?


How about custom sigs and avatars? I'm really NOT keen on gravatar tbh.

EDIT note: zuied. :XD:
There are plugins in wordpress for uploading custom avatars. From my research, it would be an either/or option. Tracking concerns, I take it?

A majority of themes I've seen do not include signatures. THey should be possible with custom fields - but this would probably be one of the lower priorities in setting up.
Special_K: http://www.get10up.com/plugins/simple-l ... wordpress/ installed, just for you.

Nick Hunter: The main site will still be wordpress. With high enough permissions, one will actually be able to view the forum from the wp-admin interface. bbPress is piggy-backing on that.

KP-X: not today, as I just messed up some domain configuration.

Not withing the next 30 hours, on account of terrorists or fourm users thinking they are too important.

There will probably be a week of overlap for

1. good arguments to be made against move
2. people to sign up for new logins (once the basics work)


will the db be separate or merged with the main site's wp?

[edit] I think old forum should still allow login but not posting - just because after you log in it's easier to search for certain members posts or viewing members profiles


Hmm...well, since it seems to be a better place to have the forum, I have no problem with it, but I'll still miss this version of the forum. I haven't even been here for a year yet :rain:

I do have a question, though. (Sorry if it's an obvious one.) I'm used to using the onions, so if there's no way to make them easily available like they are here, would I be able to link in the image files in order to still use them?

I'm also on a forum where image files can't be actually shown in posts, so I'm just wondering if that'll be the case or not :bow:


Also, I have a pretty much unimportant question: Will it be possible to create rankings, like 'I like Yuki', etc.?


You will keep the post right? because if you touch my 500 pages Boys verus girls you are going to die for a very slowly death



don't worry, there is an import tool for moving a forum software to another :ohoho:


can you show us a demo of the forum software?
Kerahna: Same database as WP. I should be able to do read-only access.

ninetales: Regular posters will have access to a few standard html tags by default - you'll see actual html when posting, not bbcode, but you'll have buttons to work with to add it in. Hotlinking Images will be supported, as well as embedding youtube videos. Any ranks, like signatures, sould be possible, but a lower priority than other functionality.

moichispa: The current forum will be kept, in read-only mode, for the foreseeable future. If you restart the thread in the new forum, that is your choice.

tsubasa: :hero: :fan:

shin: http://bbpress.org/forums/ itself is an installation of bbpress, albeit of the previous version.

From a technical standpoint, bbpress supports actual plugins - not the manual patching PHPBB3 requires, nor the horrible templating system it uses.


will be the forum Index Section will be like that? :blood:
well...it looks ugly then....looks messy... unless that is not the default configuration for it :uh..:


It looks strange to me too. However if its modified as appropriate to much our needs and colors of this forum, it might be okay.

Also can the forum posts be wider than the look to be in that sample ? I dont like that narrow but long post style.