I would like to hear it, Grunty-san.

is it release already somewhere?
The vid in the post above has been hit by the old record company ban-hammer sadly, but I finally got around to listening to a couple of her other songs earlier this evening. Finally. Aaand...

...I was hooked within 30 seconds. :waii: Since she's been releasing songs since the late 90s, I've no idea why none of them have caught my attention before!
The singing was a little to slow compared to the music and also how usually OPs are, i love the intro part. Tha piano at the end is lovely too
Line Live stream upcoming


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Was it cancelled or did I completely miss it? (I know it was supposed to start 90mins ago.)
They are promoting Aoi Works II right now.
^ Im not sure if the time on the screenshot ("scheduled") is Japan time of greece time ? If its japan time you should ve tuned 7 hours earlier if you live in Europe.
It was Greece time. (20:00 Japan) But I still don't know if it actually happened... there was nothing about Aoi Teshima having a line live today on her page...?

Oh well, no biggie. My fault for forgetting, guess I didn't care hard enough.
Any new interesting KOKIA stuff? And by interesting I mean not a ballad, hue. I haven't followed her in years. Her last album that I got that wasn't a Best Of compilation was Moment.
2012: 0 Kara no Hajimari (Memorial days single)
2013: Battle of Destiny (Battle of Destiny single)
2013: Kioku no Hikari (Kioku no Hikari single)
2014: Believe in the Spirit (Seiken Densetsu Rise Of Mana ost)
2015: Solace~Kioku no Mori ni Tsumoru Kaiga (I found you album) <- HOT HOT HOT

This is for my favorite songs from her since 2011 (if you also completed 2011).
I was very disappointed by her last album "Tokyo Mermaid" (2018).