Keiko's solo debut (after 2020)


Livestream with Yuriko sing:
24:15 Secret Game
26:43 Maze
31:35 Ship of fools
33:43 Ship of fools, they switched vocal parts.
40:50 I reach for the sun
Why this isnt in the Kajiura appearances thread ?! Thank god they didnt take down the stream

@grunty look at this

Meanwhile, Kajiura still hasnt released ship of foods maze and secret game in any of the dvds/blu-rays.

Ugh they take too long to find what they ll sing and they sing only a stanza or two.
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Honestly liking Dew a lot more than Lantana.
To be fair, it wasn't a very high bar to surpass. Lantana is honestly a bad album with like only two or three good songs (Tameiki, Yugao, Akane).

Dew is better because at least half the album has good songs I would actually add to my playlist and not skip.

- Lost
- Tooriame

- Kimi Ga Nemuru Kara
- Burn in the wind
- Hachigatsu no Sora
- Latte

- Revolution

Hated the rest. Keiko has like the worst rock/upbeat songs ever, I really really hate Nobody Knows You and whatever trash heap michitte wa kakeru and waratte yaru are. Is it really that hard to write a rock song that can at least compare to Destination Unknown/consolation/Mata Kaze etc.


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^I like Nobody Knows You, it is different for her, I think. Revolution is okay. Is that the song Yuki made? I thought it was. I am liking the album so far. Latte is good, a little repetitive, I like how she says 'shadow.' It's cool. It is better than Lantana, by far. It is her second album after all. Wakana's was better too. I am so happy for her.


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To be fair, it wasn't a very high bar to surpass. Lantana is honestly a bad album with like only two or three good songs (Tameiki, Yugao, Akane).
some of the Lantana songs imho aren't that bad. some of the songs I personally think are okay/have the potential to be good got ruined by the way Keiko chose to sing them (Ray - could be good if she sings it in one even tone and be less shouty in general. Hajimari wa - a good song that got wasted by Keiko's personal choice to sing it that extremely annoying way, and End Roll to an extent, but I really enjoyed End Roll on Lounge 006) and I'm kinda warming up to Inochi no Hana as she almost always nailed this song live. be yourself is indeed bad, change the world color is eh and Nanairo no Finale is not that bad but still a song that doesn't know what it wanted to be.

I personally rated Lantana on the same rating I gave to the first Wakana album where most of the songs are either imo too boring or have the potential to be really good but got ruined by her less than stellar vocal delivery (Kinmokusei - very sloppy and choppy singing and the song imo is too long, Yakusoku no Yoake - my god if this song isn't actually gorgeous but Wakana straining fiesta on the chorus ruined it). The only song I listen regularly from that album is Ruriiro no Sora and Tsubasa. I don't remember the rest of the album lol
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Is it really that hard to write a rock song that can at least compare to Destination Unknown/consolation/Mata Kaze etc.
I think it might be hard.

3 vocalists, extra harmonies, gazillion of samples and special effects, unexpected breakdowns and twists. All this made songs built fundamentally around 3-4 notes feel extremely unlinear and intriguing, slowly revealing more and more with every minute.

About "dew", overall, I think Keiko alone did great job. Her voice is splendid, rich, hauntingly beautiful. She has made considerable progress, and I am personally impressed with how much wider of a range she has displayed.
But excluding Kimi ga Nemuru kara and maybe Toori Ame, the album leans heavily into mainstream category. With her fondness of j-pop/kpop I assume Keiko likes singing this type of songs. Her voice, however, completely does not work with that. It's too unique. It can carry mediocre songs to the point of making them enjoyable. But she need GOOD ones to truly shine.

I can imagine her singing city pop. Smooth jazz. Art rock. Hell, call me crazy, but I think even funk or nu-metal would do. Something that would let her express herself more. To ignite this lively, playful spark you could hear from time to time in the Kalafina era.

For now, I am not convinced about the direction Keiko is heading as a solo artist. But well, it might be, after all, the the best way to go, popularity wise. As dew is clearly trying to appeal to wider audience I'm really curious how this is gonna turn out. Whether it will be the springboard for her career.
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Alright. So I’ve listened to the album twice, and I feel like leaving a review like I did with Lantana. Also, I’m probably going to say “[Insert song here] reminds me of ______”, which isn’t a dig at the songs’ originality as much as it is that I really like making connections.

Before that, though, I’m going to briefly update a few of my Lantana opinions from last year.

-Yep, Akane is still my favorite of the album, with Yūgao and Inochi no Hana as a second and third.
-While I did like both End Roll and Tameiki, they’ve both grown on me even more and I love listening to them.
-I feel the exact same about Be Yourself as I did last year, lol.
-Nanairo’s grown on me. There’s a nice, nostalgic quality to it and I do generally like the composition. The arrangement and the effect on Keiko’s vocals are still kinda ugh but I don’t mind it as much anymore.
-I still dislike Ray, but not as much as I did last year. Also, after listening to a LOT of Hikaru Utada over the last year, I’ve realized that I have no problem with Hajimari wa’s composition or genre, just Keiko’s voice. So while I still heavily dislike the track, I understand why now.
-I’ve really soured on Change The World’s Color. The arrangement is still good but the song is just too long and doesn’t stand out. I find it kind of boring, actually.

With that out’ve the way, let’s get started!

TRACK 1: Nobody Knows You: I love this one a lot. I’ve mentioned that the arrangement has a cinematic quality to it, and I stand by that. I also really like the incorporation of the cello. I can see why people dislike the structure, but it doesn’t bother me whatsoever. I think the bridge is really lovely, the verses are dark and unnerving, and oh that chorus is just perfect. The one part that’s a tad odd is the last title drop, but I suppose it works and it‘s very minor. Excellent start!

TRACK 2: 通り雨 (Tooriame): I adore this one, too. It’s such a sorrowful ballad, with a lovely atmosphere and Keiko’s emotional vocals. I especially love the song’s climax and the verse/pre-chorus repetitions. It’s just gorgeous and it really does hit me hard emotionally. Just perfect.

TRACK 3: 桜をごらん (Sakura wo Goran): Ugh. I’ve never liked this one very much. The verses aren’t terrible, and nor are the title drops, and generally Keiko’s inflections and the instrumentation is solid. My problem is the weird electronic effect with when she’s belting. It sounds terrible and makes me cringe every time. Especially the ‘HANAHIRA’ part. I’ve tried getting used to it since March but it just hasn’t worked whatsoever.

TRACK 4: ミチタハカケル (Michite wa Kakeru): I listened to this one a couple months ago, but managed to completely forget what it sounded like. The song started out very intense, and I was liking it, but then it turned into generic upbeat effects and I realized, “Oh. This is CTWC 2.0, isn’t it?” And yeah, that was about it. I like the verses, and Keiko’s vocal stamina is impressive, but then the chorus comes on and just loses me every time. I wouldn’t say it’s a lost cause, though, but just kinda eh.

TRACK 5: ラテ (Latte): When the song started I was like, “Wait, is Keiko doing Lofi?” And that gave me a good laugh. Anyways I was expecting something chill, and I got that, and I love it. It just flows so well together and is very pleasant. I don’t know what else to say, but it’s a great song!

TRACK 6: 八月の空 (Hachigatsu no Sora): I think it’s a pretty good atmospheric track, and I like it. I don’t love it yet, though, but I feel like it will grow on me. There’s a nice, melancholic tone to the chorus in particular. Honestly, it sounds like something Chiaki would write. I also really like the synthesized flute towards the end!

TRACK 7: 現実のメタファー (Genjitsu no Metaphor): A solid upbeat track. I don’t like it as much as End Roll, but the chorus is fun and I do like it! Just probably on Hachigatsu’s level, if I’m being honest.

TRACK 8: キミガネムルカラ (Kimi ga Nemuru Kara): I love it. Just like Tooriame, the vocals and instrumentation are on point. They should definitely bring back Eji in the future! It reminds me a lot of Hikaru Utada’s ‘Boukyaku’, as the slow, inevitable countdown to oblivion. Ugh, it’s so good!

TRACK 9: 笑ってやる (Waratte Yaru): Hey look, it’s Akane’s composer! Anyways, he continues to make fantastic songs. I think the mostly English lyrics were a very ambitious choice, and the bookend flute is perfect. The song is just awesome, honestly, and I’m so glad they brought that composer back. This one certainly stands up to End Roll!

TRACK 10: Revolution: I gotta say it: this isn’t Keiko. I do love Inochi no Hana, but I don’t think XYZ wrote this song with Keiko in mind, and it really doesn’t work. The lyrics are incredibly cheesy, the verses bore me, and Keiko sounds like she’s straining herself with the high notes. ‘Revolution’ is such a cool title, but this is probably the worst track of the album for me.

TRACK 11: Lost: Ooh, I love this one. It’s very Kajiura-esque, particularly like the start of ‘When The Fairytale Ends’. The Celtic elements also blend very well with the style, and it’s very fun! I will say though that the end of the choruses are particularly unnerving, as the song is a bit ‘Doll-like’, but that just makes me love it even more!

TRACK 12: Burn In The Wind: What can I say? I love it. It’s such a lovely way to close out the album. It’s a bit like ‘Alleluia’ in that regard. Both songs were things that I listened to at just the right time, and I am filled with a level of gratitude that I can’t even express in words. Just . . . Thank you, Keiko. Thank you.

Anyways, Dew was a really solid album. It wasn’t perfect, but I think it was still great! Also, thanks for reading my rambling thoughts! Well, I’ll have to listen to the Fena soundtrack, and hopefully review it in a few days!

Instant Favorites: Nobody Knows You, Tooriame, Latte, Kimi ga Nemuru Kara, Waratte Yaru, Lost, Burn In The Wind.
Like But Don’t Love: Hachigatsu no Sora, Genjitsu no Metaphor.
It’s Alright: Michite wa Kakeru.
NO: Sakura wo Goran, Revolution.
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TRACK 10: Revolution: I gotta say it: this isn’t Keiko. I do love Inochi no Hana, but I don’t think XYZ wrote this song with Keith in mind, and it really doesn’t work. The lyrics are incredibly cheesy, the verses bore me, and Keith sounds like she’s straining herself with the high notes. ‘Revolution’ is such a cool title, but this is probably the worst track of the album for me.
love me some autocorrect/suggestion there. Keiko suddenly becomes Keith and I have mental image of Voltron's Keith singing to this lmao

I left out Revolution when I first wrote my review because this song initially didn't left out any impression on me. I've read some reviews and most people straight up hating or disliking this song but the more I listen to this song (and the whole album), the more I'm enjoying it. I think this mostly because imho this song actually has the best sounding Keiko, as in her tone and vocals sound the best in this song. She sounds nice and smooth throughout the song. The shouty moments aren't that much and are more forgivable. Idk I guess I'm just a sucker for this type of 90s pop ballad lol


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Oh my god, I was fighting Autocorrect for the entire review and they still called Keiko ‘Keith’. Thanks for pointing that out, Ritarudandoo, because now I can’t stop laughing.

About Revolution, yeah, I generally don’t mind a cheesy love ballad, but for some reason this one hasn’t clicked with me. And Keiko does generally sound good on the lower parts, so it could always click like Nanairo did for me. I’m really glad you’re enjoying it, though!


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My favorites are Lost, Burn in the Wind and Revolution. Despite this, they’re still pretty weak songs IMO. Boring. Literally best part of each song was the short segment we got as teasers from the past few weeks. Beyond that, it’s just feels uninspired. ESPECIALLY for Kimi ga nemuru kara. Literally only part I like is that climax part that was in the teaser. Cool cello solo that reminds me of the Utsukushisa cello solo (yummmm) but vocal wise? Big bore for me.

Can’t see myself getting on board with Nobody Knows You any time soon. Worst part about listening to the album imo is finishing Burn in the Wind and then have it loop back to track 1 — I skip hard. How do you skip a track 1? Sheesh!

Agree with whoever said her rock songs are not too enjoyable. Snooze fest. It’s just fast for me - nothing much going on with vocals that captivates me.

Vs Lantana, definitely much better songs overall. But still not as much of an improvement compared to Wakana imo. Wakana started with a very gentle album with Wakana, and then magic moment she evolved into a more colourful and radiant singer.

Here we go from a bland Lantana to a lightly peppered dew. I can’t speak from experience, since I’ve never been to Keiko’s shows— but I think I would enjoy a Wakana or H-el-iCal concert way more than a Keiko one.

I’m actually glad I missed out on buying the LE. Whew.

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Looking at the k005-k006 video teaser, I noticed Keiko has put together an almost completely female band. Only the guitar player is a man. AND !!! She has a left hand bass player. MIO !!! You got a professional bass playing job.... that's all I could think about. I'm so shallow.

I'd like to find a place where I can get these lives in full. None of the online stores have them. I can't afford the DVD / BR from Japan.


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New Keiko’s Room video. She covers Saki Kubota’s 異邦人 (Ihōjin).


(I’ll admit, this was a really pleasant surprise. I’ve been very fond of this song since my first listen last year, and getting to hear Keiko’s version is just lovely! I really think she does the song justice. I do kind of wish that she performed it in a slightly more ‘lonely’ tone, but her voice is still utterly gorgeous, so I really don’t mind that much.)


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I always love it when Keiko covers songs that I like and/or recognize! And her vocals are really good!