Kalafina 4th album “Consolation”

Nick Hunter

I have reached Yuki nirvana
Thanks, Kowz! :sohappy:
*anticipates Yume no Daichi PV or a clearer radio rip of Consolation*
*clicks onion, sees filesize*

Mother of God, could it be...? :fwa: :nosebleed: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy:


Overall I really like this album. I feel like it's an evolution of Kalafina's sound, like they're maturing. I really feel like this album is Kalafina.

Some songs are very... heavy, though, and thus hard to listen to. Signal is heavy, Obbligato is heavy, and so is Consolation. They're all amazing songs, but it's like they all carry a very angry energy. Something you wouldn't just put on repeat.

Door is beautiful, as is Kichigo no Shigemi ni. They're nice breaks from the energy of the rest of the album. The album track list itself seems to go on an up-and-down roller coaster between angry energy and soothing calm songs. I guess that's how it got its title and title song~

Some interesting instrumental choices as well -- accordion on top of an electric guitar? Only Kajiura-san!


Oh my god I can't decide whether to listen to it or wait for my copy :omg:
But thanks for uploading it!


> Al fine: Really southing, wish it was longer

> Consolation: See my previous comments viewtopic.php?p=223500#p223500

> Door: Defenitely the best ballad on this album, and quite outstanding compared to the rest of the Kalafina ballads too since it has ac. piano instead of violin, and its so nicely played and combined with the drums! :dote: :dote: I also love Wakana's part at beginning, she's very emotional there :shy:

> Hanataba: Really like the use of accordion on this one. its the first accordion song for Kalafina. Beautiful melody, really like how Hikaru sings her parts, she sounds really into the song.

> Signal: Probably the least liked song in the album for me, its repeatitive, and I always didnt liked distorted voices (took me time to get used to them in ongaku too) also the accordion at the bridge is totally out of place and doesnt fit.

> Obbligato: I am reallly liking the chorus (Fion & Hanae ?) but it doesnt fit with the rest of the song IMO. I like the rockish feel on this.

> Kichigo no shigemi ni: Typical Kalafina ballad, but I like the melody.

> Yume no Daichi: Southing, just like symphonia :XD:

Overall the new songs are much better than After Eden's, and they mix well with the non-new ones. However I was expecting Yuki to put more efford in consolation since its the title song :(

- Kajiura-san really love Hikaru and Wakana since she only left a few line in each of the new songs for Keiko (maybe she got more lines in Signal but didnt paid attention) :cry: :cry:

- Hanae seems to do the most choruses in this album, and I love this :dote:


Wow thank you so so so much! :sohappy: Can't wait! Although sad that there's apparently no Keiko centric songs :cry:


I have reached Yuki nirvana
I finished listening the album and I fell in love with Door, Obbligato and Hanataba! :sohappy: :shy: :shy: I was surprised by Kiichigo No Shigemi Ni; it reminds me of Gloria as a rhythm!



Hatanaba with accordion, this is my fav song of the album

and signal it's so fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Holy shit, the new songs are actually good? MFW.

A couple of things:
- not enough kajiurago by Kalafina;
- consolation: I really hate the return of the intro after the bridge (it could just jump straight to Hikaru's verse if another reprise of the verse was necessary at all);
- door: vocals seem overprocessed to fuck - or maybe it's just the quality of mp3s (overall I was VERY pleasantly surprised by this track)
- 花束: I kind of wish the first chorus wasn't that loud; the instrumental bridge is wonderful;
- signal: the smile on my face; Yuriko ftw; best new track for me;
- obbligato: Hanae's parts and the bridge are great but I'm not quite sure what the track wants to be, lol, but not bad at all;
- 木苺の茂みに: I kind of feel Kajiura and the girls are actually putting emotions in their songs again;

Hmm... I think "Consolation" is what Magia promised for "After Eden" but that album did not deliver. I'll just make an "After Consolation" compilation since I don't like the single songs from "Consolation" (except Hikari furu and moonfesta which is out of place as heck) or the new songs from "After Eden", lol.