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Kajiura to be at Tsuda College


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^I know. I was just looking to see whether any reports had popped up yet


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Sorry for uploading a little late. I reported the talking show.


 ・How was Tsuda College after an interval of about 27 years?

■Section 1 How was your college memories?

 ・How was spending while you were student?

When she was student, she started her band, “See-Saw”. However, she managed to cope with

both her student life and the band activities because the college curriculum was hard.

 ・What was theme of your studying?

American literature.

 ・I heard you were NTT’s (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) system engineer,

how was coping with See-Saw?

  ①Kajiura-san coped with composing regarded as hobby.

  ②After about 3 years when she had been working as an engineer, both things were great.

However, she reminded her of her father’s death. (Her father died when she was about 20

years old.) He said people have to do which they want to do.

When she was 27, she quit NTT and reunited See-Saw.

■Section 2 “Hanako to Anne”

 ・Why did you adopt some Kelt instrument?

  ①Because of a NHK’s demand.

  ②Familiar for Japanese.

 ・Why did NHK decided to invite Kajiura-san?

  ①She was graduated from Tsuda College and home in English.

It’s because Hanako Muraoka graduated from Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin. Her subject was English.

■Setion 3 Questions from audience

 ・What did you do part-time job when she was student?

  ①Private teacher for junior high school students and high school students.

  ②She taught physics, English and so on.

 ・Have you experienced some fleeting love romance?

  ①She was falling in love with a keyboard player.

 ・How much songs did she create?

  ①1 month per 30 songs.

■Section 4 Questions from the Internet

 ・Kajiura-san tweets everytime. Why can she tweet midnight and early in the morning?

  ①Because her power of concentration can keep only 1 month, so she has to create more and more. That’s why her life style is unbalanced, for example, when she creates songs for 24 hours, she has a nap and continues creating. Sometimes she keeps creating songs for 48 hours.

 ・What is your favorite spots of Tsuda College?

  ①The main gate and the café.

 ・Does she have a plan to create for chorus songs?

  ①Not yet.

  ②She has experienced chorus for long years. (Maybe she was grade 1 of Tsuda College.)

  ③During her chorus works, she adopts an element of singing in parts.

・What is your favorite movies and novels?

  ①Movie - ”Sister Act”

  ②Novel – Agatha Christie

 ・What is your favorite liquor?

  ①Red wine

  ②She drinks rarely because she can’t create songs when she drinks liquor.

・Based on what criteria does she decide to agree working on a project? For example, could it be the staffs, the story, the characters, or the pay/salary? (ritardando)

 ①Depending on the case and timing.

  ②The most important of the point is whether she can contribute to a work or not, for example, it includes feelings, her interests, some affinities, a sense of satisfaction etc…

  ③Because of her business, she has to along with client’s demands.

 ・Is there a plan to hold a Kalafina’s world concert tour? (@2Takashi156)

  ①She said she’d love to hold one. Also, she wants to hold everywhere that they can go.

 ・What is difference between Amateur and professional?

  ①Whether the efficiency is high of not, for example, amateur can create as hobby, however, professionals are for business.

 ・What is her favourite song to perform live? (aki)

  ①She said her favorite songs changes because vocalists changes how to sing songs.


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Thank you so much, Takashi-san! Wow I'm somewhat proud because my question got picked :XD: I'm glad she considers the satisfaction the project could bring her but still giving attention the client's demand when she chooses to work for a project.

Kajiura x the mysterious keyboard player!


^ Hehe indeed! This is sure some juicy interview event though most of our questions werent adopted

I believe that keyboardist might have worked in the early See-Saw or the 15 sand (at least we now she's doesnt only care for women XD)

So the reason NHKchoosed Kajiura for Hanako to Anne is because Hanako and her attended the same college ?
@rita: I think the answer to your question means that she is interested in SAO as project

@Takashi, thank you so much for everything!!!! :sohappy::sohappy:
your english text is mostly correct too :)


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No, Kajiura-san and Hanako Muraoka were not graduated from the same school.
But, their subject were similar.

・Yuki Kajiura - Tsuda College, Literature of American.
・Hanako Muraoka - Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin, the subject is English.


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Thanks a lot +w+ So interesting report!!

A Kalafina worldwide tour is really a dream!! *cross her fingers for the next future*
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Thanks takahashi. Were there a lot of people at the talk? These interviews are always interesting but it would be sad if there was only a small crowd.

The bits about client demands was interesting considering she mentioned it in the hanako section. It makes me wonder how much control she has in the creative process of the soundtrack.

Also, it seems a bit weird that she got a job as a systems engineer but majored in American Literature.