Kajiura Family Media Appearances



wants to see it bcs of progressive (yeayyy) surely i hope hikaru handled the song well bcs progressive is the hardest to sing hikaru song


Pretty neat to see Progressive and In Your Eyes there, even if I'm not a huge fan of either.

Wonder what overture it was.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Is it just me, or you can actually hear Wakana sing in the refrain? I remember in previous performances some people thought she was lip synching because her voice was inaudible.


Wow, really impressed. Progressive was such an unexpected song, since it's forgotten most of the time, even on Kalafina's own lives. So it's even more shocking to see it on a non-Kalafina (?) live.
Tbh, when I saw the setlist I was worried because of Hikaru not being able to perform it well enough. But WOW, it turned out way better than I could expect. Hikaru shouts a little on the beggining of the chorus, but otherwise sounds really good despite the awful sound quality (what's wrong with Mezamashi lives? Last year the audio was awful, but this year I cannot even hear the music background. At some points it even sounded like an a capella cover...).
Hyakka Ryouran was also a pleasant surprise. Chorus was the weakest part of the song for me, because Wakana sounded too weak compared to Keiko and Hikaru, but here her was more dramatic and intense. I like it better that way.
There's also some super short recording on twitter of Keiko's part and they're GORGEOUS (cannot find it anymore). Her voice is soooo deeep and perfect :love:
Wrote too much for such a short report but I really loved it, sorry asldkfjlsfdlasdfj :dote:


Minna no Yume Tairiku 「Mezamashi Live」at Odaiba (2017/07/23)

01. Märchen (メルヒェン)
02. progressive
03. sprinter
04. One Light
05. Hyakka Ryouran (百火撩乱)
06. in your eyes
07. blaze
[ED Mirai (未来)]
does anyone have full setlist for all artists ?


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
MC: Do you sing your own songs at karaoke?
Keiko: *taps Hikaru* Do you?

Way to throw Hikaru under the bus there, Keiko :XD:

Also Wakana mentioned how they didn't perform live until "[their] second year", but didn't they have a few concerts in 2008? :confu:

Also it was cool how it seemed even their speaking voices harmonized when they were introducing themselves