Kajiura Family Media Appearances


I have reached Yuki nirvana
^Wait, what? When did this happen and when can I see it? Please... I want to see the look on Hikaru's face. *sigh* Isn't there English subs too? Where?


Not sure if it can be done from Android, it will be on while I am at Mt Rainier Hall Shibuya waiting for Chiaki Ishikawa's live to start.


there is an app called AZ Screen Recorder, its free, and it can record anything on your phone/tablet screen and save it as video. However it cant record from your phone's sound card as its "not allowed by google".
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She sounded wonderful lol maya go replace hikaru now /isslapped /jk

she sounded better singing hikaru's part than hikaru even when hikaru's on her best lol she sings "kimi no inai michi wo boku wa boku no tame yukunda" much better than hikaru's ever been. Hikaru's "yukunda" always sounded horrible to my ears but maya nailed it.

No comment on her singing her original part since i actually never liked Keiko's voice on "kimi ni aitai, kimi ga koishii..." part in every sprinter live save for LisAni 2010 (which also happens to be the only sprinter live i liked)
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HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Interesting.... :sohappy:

Even though she no longer performs with Kalafina, it's nice to see that her voice is still as good as the little bit we heard back in the day! :sohappy:

Imo idk about Maya returning solely from a "how will affect their existing songs because those are built for 3 not 4 people" but other than that I would definitely like to see Maya appear with Kalafina at least once more, and perform sprinter!!
Plz happen, maybe in encore of 10th anni concert(s)? :cry:

And yes Maya out-performed our current Hikaru by a long shot >.< (imo Type-Moon anni performance is still the best though)


*l0oks at publish date* wow this vid is 1 year old and it came around now ?

This was amazing!! Considering she isnt having a vocalist diet and everything.

@Aelarion: may be she did rehearse a bit at home, a little difficult to remember exactly how to sing it after so many years, unless she's doing it constantly to remember the time back then :XD:

I agree with rita that she should replace hikaru, or maybe just go solo ?

Also hoping for a guest appearance in Kalafina live, but i think its as likely as is Chiaki appearing as guest in Yuki Kajiura live.
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