Kajiura Family Media Appearances



「rockin'on presents COUNTDOWN JAPAN 16/17」にKalafinaの出演が決定しました!





The usual new year's eve appearance :)


I bet that goes for most entertainment people though, since its the hightime of the christmas season when all most other jobs are having fun


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
last year they sang identify, destination unknown, and Ongaku (with Magia and One Light too). It's not a first time.
With how much they perform Ongaku it's hardly the status of an "album song" (granted it's still technically one).

Anyway, I'm hoping we get the performance video soon, I'm looking forward to seeing another live of obbligato and blaze.


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Watch any bilibili video, look at the URL, then you know what to do with this one.

EDIT: 15:09
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HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Bleh, that performance of blaze was awful :ouch:

I know Countdown Japan doesn't always have the best quality and in general I try to not be overly critical, but here, Hikaru and Wakana both sounded bad. Not to mention pretty much all of the main lines on the chorus had Wakana singing too loud (or Hikaru too soft). Also, am I the only one starting to hear a distinct tone in Hikaru's voice that wasn't ever there in the past, even since her vocal trouble started? I don't know how to describe it other than "incredibly raspy".... I also remember hearing it on the last note of "kimi no hitomi no naka" at the end of the acoustic sprinter performance from the Arena live, but I had assumed that was just the emotions of it getting to her. I hope Hikaru's not getting super lazy in her singing, especially because it's her job.... :hide:

Keiko was fine though, and I don't praise keiko just for being keiko unlike some other people

Aimer's performance of Chouchou Musubi was nice :dote:


Oh Sayuri is there too :D ^^

About Kalafina, i think their mics are broken or something else is wrong, because the previous performers and the ones after them sounded fine, while Kalafina sound as if there is some filter in the sound, i dont know how to describe it
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keiko is still the only one who can perform live
i think id start calling wakana goddess of flatness