CPM Fansub~

Needing the help of someone with a better PC than mine - PM me :bow:
*not gonna wait 8 hours to encode a video with my junk computer*

Also, if anyone is interested in helping with subbing I can make a tutorial or something: no need to have any kind of experience .-.

Video that have translation and need to be subbed:
- fairytale talk
- Lacrimosa talk
- Denpa Kenkyuusha
- 2 chinese interviews casarina translated
- one of the taiwan interviews (working on... not knowing the language at all makes it hard...)
- the chinese tencent interview (i can not sub that, i don't know chinese)
- fixing things on the YK interview from vol2 and 1 MC :blood:
Did i miss something?

Edit: thanks aki <(^-^<)
[CPM] FictionJunction Yuki Kajiura live vol#4 part 2 MC#2 Youtube / Vimeo

[CPM] Yuki Kajiura LIVE 2008.07.31 Special Interview Part 1 (Yuki Kajiura) v1.0
Youtube / Vimeo

Thanks to all you you guys who helped me :bow:
If you know you could help improving the videos (translation, video editing) just send me a PM.
aki said:
TOKYO FM 高野奈々の Dream Theater KALAFINA


edit: ehhh the tokyo fm vids are private...darnit, should have downloaded them :uh..:
I found out you can download that podcast for free on iTunes, if anyone's interested

also found this video:

2011.09.04 May'n x Kalafina Interview raw | Keiri's translation (only a bit of it)

alternate translation of vol.2 MCs: http://worldofanimemusic.blogspot.com/2009/01/yuki-kajiura-concert-dvd-live-20080731.html
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Just lost a 40 minutes interview I subbed because of hardware failure... Gonna try to get back into the business, but with slow internet it will take awhile to get anything done (unless aki is doing the upload work :plot: )
Any Chinese speaker wanna help? (no idea in which chinese the Tencent interview is - just need a quality checker)
Welcome back Varete (≧∇≦)/
The interview has already been subbed.

But I can help if we're doing our own.
Omg, really? =-= Didn't know >.<
I can not see the video so IDK if it's worth making our version of the sub. XD
it looks pretty good...has translator notes and they even subbed the storia acapella
but didn't you already time the subs for tencent? not that much more work to clean it up/encode it, if you don't want that work to go to waste
The youtube channel died, can you reupload some of the interviews, aki?
^They should be in the mediafire folder
Sorry I'm so behind on subbing :punched: I'm getting a windows partition on my new laptop so hopefully now I'll be able to sub more often : )
Finally ready to get back to work. Gonna make some talk&interview I have translationss of and make a video tutorial meanwhile for those who would want to help, but don't know how ^^