Complain about all!

The person running that blog believes that criticizing anything YK related is bad. I said that her attitude is akin to censorship and expulsion for wrongthink. For some reason I got a several pages rant, and further response that don't actually address what I say at any point, but further push the same whining. I guess what they say is true about tumblr being for cat piss ladies. What I said isn't dramatic though, its just a basic observation which is frankly true. The fear of open debate is always a sign of a weak intellect which is the start of the road to serfdom. That means I am 'threatening' her which reinforces my concern that she is a covert totalitarian, who refuses to seat critics at the table. A forum allows for a real debate rather than a propaganda platform of constant effusive praise.
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This is why I took a different approach from the experience of what she referenced, and at this point I just roll my eyes at the negativity and move on to the next comment. I remember I tried to respond to someone’s negativity around the start of the Zaregoto announcements and I remember we both ended up looking batshit crazy. I just don’t have the motivation to start a whole ‘nother blog when the music and singers are the most important thing — and I could just leave you guys to watch and listen.
Well, there, I was sent a picture of the post and I read it.

It indeed felt mostly petty to me, just like putschki said in the opening statement. A long ass post saying she didn't like it here so she made her own place where she could fangirl "unbothered" in her own "productive" way.

We been knew. Great. I'm happy for her. Glad she learnt Japanese to seek out and interpret information to be productive. Good for her.

Meanwhile, I'll probably go hate some more on things with other fans here... thus proving her points - which in all honesty are perfectly valid when she's taking herself and her fandom that seriously. After all, this 5 page self-loving/CPM-hating essay ends with calling Vyse's comment "a low-key threat" and "over-dramatic". Teh irony? Again, good for her for creating a safe space for herself (and away from us "unproductive", "entitled", hateful monsters).

We learn. We grow. We move on. We do what's best for us.

PS. As for any actual bullying from the userbase, I'm sorry if she experienced that. Hopefully it wasn't that bad from me.
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I’m fairly sure I completely agree with everything that she said — even more so if I’d read that when I first started reading the forums back in middle school.
But you survived your middle school shock and you're still visiting, managing all activity on the forum to whatever fits you; while putting your expectations of what you thought this place was or what you thought it should be aside.

The same goes for me and anyone else who is still posting here despite some drama. FFS, there's not that many active users here to not quickly get a feel of what each of us is like online. You think I actually "hate" Vyse just because I had some comments in one of the threads a year ago? Plz. Or was it 2 years ago now? Time sure flies...

(Just sayin'. It's not meant as a dig at putschki going away on her own.)
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I'm just in a bad mood about this. If I keep commenting its going to turn into a shitstorm. What was intended as simple remarks have become a full blown thesis. I agree that rolling your eyes if you find the comments offensive or annoying is usually right, its not a job to respond to every last post like its personal. Its this reason that I was annoyed Putschki's apparently great angst at the mere presence of trolls or negativity in a forum, because frankly that is a feature of the internet. But you're talking about a person who believes three girls decisions must always be right and actions always supported just because they are fashionable dressers, at least sometimes.

I often play the roll of troll, or of ardent supporter, or pirate and collector of useless scores, or whatever, it just depends on my mood. Lighten the fuck up is all. And Wakana's voice is wrecked and she's lost her looks, also botanical land is a stupid name and sharks would gladly eat her alive.

Also don't get me started on the link between feminism and totalitarianism.

Again, good for her for creating a safe space for herself
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I'm just in a bad mood about this. If I keep commenting its going to turn into a shitstorm.
Ehehe. Ain't that how it always goes? :)

Sooo... lets not talk about it any more? You said your thing (no idea why you went to putschki's place in the first place so no comment on that - I only saw her essay), she said what was expected. We been knew. We're heathens.

Or... complain away? I suppose that's what the thread is... lol. Worst case scenario people keep jumping in and adding fuel to the fire (as per norm and maybe I'm doing it right now, too), or best case - you'll vent but then it's out there on the interwebs - hopefully nobody uses it against you and everyone moves on...
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or best case - you'll vent but then it's out there on the interwebs - hopefully nobody uses it against you and everyone moves on...

Just wait till they find out where else I post on the web. Shitstorms are what I live for. :sparkleguy:
no idea why you went to putschki's place in the first place

I see an opening, I take it

Also is there some irony about her creating a public post just to call me out? I posted some comments beneath her story, but she basically publicly shamed me thus inviting this, even though it would be easy to contact me directly or even on here.
Hi there!
I completely agree with you and I am honestly really sorry this issue has been escalating so much recently. I don’t want my blog to be this sort of place. This is the exact reason why I don’t want anything to do with the CPM forum. I have said it before but I don’t wanna take part in polemic discussions and childish quarrels all day. It’s a vicious cycle and it only ever gets worse. And it makes people miserable. Not just the involved parties, everyone in close proximity is affected. That’s why I say it’s a toxic atmosphere and I personally prefer not to be poisoned by it. The only people wo revel in an environment like that are toxic themselves because they have been consumed by negativity…"

Yet here we are. Fuck this poisonous bog of total moral depravity feels good. If only beautiful Keiko would soak in this bath her skin might attain an even brighter sheen. God bless her nail and hair salon but they're ripping her off.
"I guess it’s my fault for wanting to reply to people. I was raised to be polite so I do my best to respond to everyone who reaches out to me. And as we all probably know by now, I am not the type to write one-sentence responses…I put a lot of effort into my posts since I try to cover all the bases. But recently people have been asking the same questions over and over again and even though I try to provide thorough and logical answers it all seems to fall on deaf ears. That has really frustrated me…

From my point of view, everything has been said. There is no war, no feud or anything else. I am not fond of the forum and I have explained my reasons. I can’t do anything else…

I just want to do my own thing on my blog, is that too much to ask? I don’t even mention CPM if it’s not brought up by someone else. I don’t get why people act like I am the bad guy here…*sighs*"

This is the 2nd part of that post. What the fuck is this? I'll never understand women. Everything is a contradiction and a twist of the truth. I would expend my last life force to try and respond to these inadequate arguments. Maybe I'll go back to listening to some baroque lute music from a real musician and stop giving the Special Olympics a bad name.
I meaan, I don't know what you were expecting when posting that on her blog, lol.
You brought whatever it is you're feeling now upon yourself. ;P
Its the Complain thread though. I guess here is my face now after listening to her:


That makes me so angry, even though I've only watched Beyond the Boundary from them.

Ripping off works?! Come off it, ideas ARE bounced around between writers and animators every single time. You don't own any idea, any character, or any story!

And even if they DID rip off your work, you go to the courts (if you have the money) or you call them out on it, not go to their frigging office and burn everyone!

Sheez. crazy people be crazy. I'm just devastated at the casualties and their abject terrifying last moments.