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Wikki Pan

final fantasy 8 and 9 is my favorite ^^ when i was primary i mad on playing final fantasy 9 ...hoho i still remember the ending is so touch T.T so how about u all?? :XD:
Oh, so this thread does exist already. :XD:

Beaten six games in the series, currently on FF7. :sparkleguy:
Also I started FF9 and finished Disk 1, but got a break. I was introduced to the series through a PC port of FF7, but decided it would be better to discover the series from the very beginning. So I stick to the order they were released in. :XD:
So far, FF5 is my fave in terms of gameplay and FF6 is my fave in terms of plotline.
So far I can't call FF7 the greatest of them all (as I heard many to do), but the setting is undeniably unique for the series (at least, it WAS back then).
Although some features in the series' post-Sakaguchi installments freak me out (Final Fantasy X-2... the second part of the tenth part @_@ I don't think even Hollywood could come up with something like that), the latest installments still attract my interest. One one hand, there's no more Uematsu, and that doesn't do music any good (they should invite Yuki while it's not too late! :listen: ). On the other hand, the once unjustly abandoned ATB system is returning in FF13, and that game also features Maaya Sakamoto in the main cast. :shy:
Btw, Sakaguchi himself considers FF9 the best.
I played all Final Fantasies (except 11) and i've only finished 4 :uh..:

I played FF 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 on my cousin's computer but he had fo format his HD and didn't back up my saves. I might try to start them again one of these days.

And FF7, i don't have disc 2.
I played Final Fantasy 1-2 (Origin), 4 (NDS version), 7 (playstation version), 8,9, X-2, 12, 12 revenant wings (NDS), and dissidia
didn't play 10 because all dvd i bought were corrupted
though I played that many, I only finished FF8, 1 disc of FF7, 2 or 3 disc of FF9, around 20% of revenant wings, I got stuck frequently on games :uh..:
as for dissidia.... i used my brother's psp
sadly, I don't have playstation3 so I don't have a chance to play FF13 or versus13 or whatever...
I have played 1,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and tactics
But I have tried almost all FF except revenant wings, FF7BC, DC and XI.

I agree that the best is FF7. It has nice music, good scenario (thanks to Masato Kato). And thanks to Square Enix, this game is ruined because of its "children" (FF7 AC, BC, CC, DC). A finished story that was prolonged...

I can't feel FF 1,4 and 5 at all... 1 has definitely no story and short. 4 is ok, and 5 is fun because of the job system.

FF6 is maybe another goodness. I feel that FF7 story is based on FF6 (plotwise). It has many chars too.

FF8, i don't have any comment on this one. People says that the story sucks I played it in japanese :ohoho: it looks ok for me.

FF9 is fun too, classic and addictive.

FF10 - i will call this game the worst FF. Super easy game gameplay, bad story telling and annoying scenes. Oh I hate yuna dan tidus sudden roman. But FF10-2 has a fun battle-system.

FF12 - hm... i like the aura of the game, but the story is :blood: ... I like to play the game only because of the design.

I don't have any wish and hope for the future FF ^^; I can't play so much anymore .
wow wow so many fans of final fantasy here~^^~i wan to play ff7 in PS1 !!! but now all game shop din sell Ps1 games already T.T
I played 7,8,10,12
then half of the DS remake of 4, and the first DS crystal chronicles

7 was the first one i played and the first time i realized how pretty men can me :ayashii: I played kingdom hearts around that time too so i was fangirling all over the place about seeing the cameos :nosebleed: :nosebleed: I also played the sims at that time, and downloaded custom sims shaped like aerith and sephiroth and made them live together.... :uh..: :uh..: :uh..: :uh..: maybe that's why 7 has the biggest impression on me :XD:

8 was the first time i discovered the prettiest scene in the world is a city at night, with trees/plants and white lights.

I don't know why I didn't like 10 so much, it felt too linear.

12 is so pretty *_* every city I LOVE CITIES
And thanks to Square Enix, this game is ruined because of its "children"

Sakaguchi would NEVER allow this! :blood:

1 has definitely no story and short.

It did have a story for that time, considering it was the SECOND JRPG ever (and the first Dragon Quest before it had even more problems with plotline). But I still respect it as the origin.
FF4 has the biggest teams (I miss having 5 characters in line, especially now in FF7, where only three are allowed :wai:)
FF5 is adorable with it's job system, plot and characters (though despite all my respect for Yoshitaka Amano, I can hardly stand looking at his concept art for this particular game :blood: ).
And FF6... :love::love :nosebleed: It's just great. So many characters, so many events. Terra and Relm remain two of my FF favourite characters. :shy:

aerith and sephiroth and made them live together....

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From what I've been hearing about FF10, I'm really scared. :uh..: no ATB, no map travels... WTF? :blood:
And then they make a sequel, and then waste a number on a MMORPG (why not release it simply as Final Fantasy Online?). And now I'm even more chagrined, as FF14 will be online again.
Seems like it will be my children to play FF15. :omgwtf:

panwooikee said:
who gt play ff7 crisis core?

oh, I played crisis core too
in "new game plus" mode or whatever it is, I got inheritance from my brother and played the game easily :XD:
I played final fantasy tactics advance (almost finished, the next mission is to defeat the final boss) and final fantasy tactics advance A2 (I forget where I put the game, so don't play it now)
From what I've been hearing about FF10, I'm really scared. no ATB, no map travels... WTF?

The battle system is turn based, and it's really good.
And the story is my favorite :dote: , the sequel is kinda sucky though.

Now im waiting for FF13 :nosebleed:
The battle system is turn based, and it's really good.

It's a bit boring to me since I tried ATB (and even in those games you could turn it off at will). But the most crucial matter is that ATB remains one of the most prominent innovations FF introduced to the genre. It's partially thanks to this system, that Chrono Trigger exists, and it inspired teams like Wolfteam/Tri-Ace and Flight Plane to look for further ways of making standard RPG battles more lively.
From surface glimpses at the story, I don't find it bad, as to the sequel... If you remember FF Spirits Within becoming a box office bomb, you'll guess that Square DESPERATELY needed money at that time.
Well yes, FF I does have a "story", just very short and not engaging.

and Square has milked FF7 for money ... turning a piece of art into a "money printing"-Machine.
Just like Suikoden which is prolonged only to take money of the fans >__>
My favourite is 7. Despite what everyone say (overrated and all) I still prefer it as my favourite among all FF series.
FF7 was the 1st RPG I played so maybe you can say that's why I like it so much! :ohoho:
But I really like everything about that game. My 2nd favourite is FF6, FF8 & 9. I don't like 10 or 10-2. But I finished playing FF10 (it's boring but it's FF anyways so I play it till the end), while my brother completed FF10-2. FF12 is too short... :uh..:
7 was my first RPG too!
I had no idea what was going on, because I was so used to action games.

When the time gauge was filling up, i kept wondering WHY CAN'T I MOOOOVE?!?!??!?!!?! WHY CAN'T I ATTACK?!? WHY ARE PEOPLE HITTING ME AND I CAN'T EVEN RUN AWAY AARRHGHHGHGGHGHHHHHH :blood: