Another dream

I have a Kala-dream.
Kalafina FOW live dresses! They looked in a really middle-east style. Girls had bared stomach! Short tank-top and loose pants. I was in shock... Kalafina+bared stomach!? Unacceptable!
I had a dream that Kalafina was singing Alleluia with Elisa and Eir Aoi. It was interesting collaboration. Elisa was wearing the white dress from Animax Musix 2010
I had a dream that Kalafina will do a live in Yokohama Arena in 2016
Oh... I feel cheated by my dream. But it was only a dream. I wonder if Animelo and Animax Musix would happen
@nodame89 Animelo Summer Live 2016 is already confirmed - Animax Musix should be fine as Yokohama Arena will be undergoing repairs starting in January and the event is held in November.
I have next dream about Kalafina. They were wearing colorful Budokan dresses and had a live in a big place (I don't know what was it). The same night I have another dream about Kalafina that they were porforming on Fate Festival. The scene was a big house with three floors - it was looking interesting
^That does sound interesting. I could just hear the call "Hello, Kalafina? Could you perform at my house? It is a big house so not to worry, you will be able to fill it with lots of people and the walls are thin so you will be able to hear it throughout." lol

I had what you would call a nightmare, and now I am going to associate it with Kimi no Gin because we were in a city just outside of New York (not sure what) and we heard on the news in our (my mom and me) hotel room that they were going to set off a huge bomb at midnight on New Year's that will wipe out the entire city and neighboring cities. So we were like "what?!" at first and then I said we should drive to the city and see it before the last day is up, and that we were going to go anyways. So we said goodbye to everyone back home and drove to the city in a taxi. On the way there over the bridge I had my mom listen to my iPod (because I had a headache because of the bomb... weird I know right?) and I had it on shuffle on Yuki's playlist. And then Kimi no Gin came on as the bomb dropped. (It looked like a bomber man bomb too, not even real, but it filled the sky) and then the shock wave came. It was so strange I think I woke up and looked around. Oh and even though it was supposed to be midnight it was daylight out. So yeah, I won't be listening to that song for awhile.
^Oh, gosh. That's freaky :hide:.

Probably the only "nightmare" I've had with a YK song would've been Hikari furu. I just remember there being a really creepy face in my dream with an off-key version of the song playing in the background. It was a while ago, so I don't remember all of it.
Ok, another dream... Kalafina had a live in a hall. Kala-girls were wearing the checked (!!) dresses. The background on the dresses were ecru and the down of dresses was made from transparent, violet cloth. During the live something strange has happened. A man have kidnapped Wakana! I was in shock! Later they got married.
I had a dream today where a lot of really frustrating things happened, and in the middle of it I was sitting with @Black Sword and two people I don't know (one of whom was getting all touchy-feely with me), and we were listing to a Kalafina show (like Kalafina Club or something) which was being held in the next room, where we could see, and one of the staff members called out Black Sword (plus his age) for some contribution or other...but I couldn't find him anywhere, so I never found out whether or not he knew he'd been made Kalafina-fandom-famous.
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Oh boy, I had an odd dream last night.

I was on a coach for pretty much the whole of it, at night. I was with a couple of friends, but due to it being quite busy they were sitting a couple of rows back on some front-facing seats, whilst I was further forward on some of those seats that face sideways. But anyway, we got to a stop (who knows where, the location was never hinted at in the whole dream) and some people got off, including those who were inbetween me and my friends, so we prepared to get closer to each other so we could chat. However, some people got on the bus and took those seats.

Those people were the Kalafina girls. They were also wearing the red Red Moon dresses despite no evidence of a live happening. Wakana and Hikaru sat on the front-facing seats between me and my friends, whilst Keiko ended up sitting next to me. For whatever reason, Keiko was really, really tired, and ended up falling asleep on my shoulder. At the time I was wearing a Kalafina shirt (as I do regularly) and Hikaru and Wakana noticed it and started to talk to me, I panicked a little since they started talking in Japanese which I couldn't understand, but eventually I worked out how to say I couldn't speak Japanese and Hikaru took over the conversation in English, relaying a few things back to Wakana. I don't even remember what the conversation was about, just that it went on for ages and I had a sleeping Keiko on me the whole way.

I do remember eventually getting off the coach and the girls got off at the same stop, Keiko eventually woke up and I was introduced to her by Hikaru and Wakana and she seemed really excited, as well as a little surprised by the coincidence that the random foreigner she'd fallen asleep on actually knew who she was. We had a little chat and then had to part our separate ways, giving them all goodbye hugs.

Then I woke up. I wonder where the dream would've gone from there? Probably somewhere a lot less interesting. Or a lot more interesting as my dreams tend to be really bizarre most of the time, this is actually very mundane for what my head usually brings into existence when I'm asleep.
Then I woke up. I wonder where the dream would've gone from there? Probably somewhere a lot less interesting. Or a lot more interesting as my dreams tend to be really bizarre most of the time, this is actually very mundane for what my head usually brings into existence when I'm asleep.
More bizarre??? in a random way???? The only dreams I remember have the randomest kind of things in them
I recently had a Dream where I meet Yuki Kajiura. It was in a classroom and she was there to talk about her music and she also helped me improve my Japanese. It was a good dream considering normally I have nightmares.
Okay, I have not had a good dream like this in awhile, let alone a Yuki one. So here we go (and really I am not making this up, well, my subconscious did heh):

So this was the SAO Vol 13 concert and I was a part of it! Like, singing and playing the violin! I could not believe that Yuki chose me to be a part in this awesome concert (though the music of SAO is not one of my favorites). I was backstage with Wakana, Keiko, Yuriko, Kaori, REMI, Yuuka (surprised she was there too, since she's not in SAO), Yuki of course (I couldn't even look at her she had such a presence and I just was so embarrassed still about saying "thank you" to her at Anime Boston, though I knew she has met tons of people since then, anyways) and the front band members! Konno, whom I love was talking to me, in English! I was amazed at how good his English was. (I think I spoke some Japanese, which I know very little at this point so I can't tell you what I even said) I can't even recall what I was saying in English, I just knew I must have sounded so dumb in front of him. (I know I must have practiced with all of them beforehand as well, like what we see in the documentaries. But the dream jumped right to the concert.) I know we were discussing the part we were going to play together (which I still could not believe I was going to get to do, even in the dream, it was like I was coherent through the whole thing but just along for the ride... if that makes sense) in a concert with the girls, and Yuki, whom I have idolized for most of my life.

So when it was almost time to go onstage we all did the stand in the circle and put our hands in the middle thing. Yuki did an inspiring speech. She even spoke some English for my sake too. Gaaaah! I was dying inside. lol Then I heard the opening of Swordland. It was a whirlwind after that. I did mainly chorus for Swordland (I didn't even mind singing it all that much, and did not laugh at all, thankfully, which I totally would have done in real life probably), the first town (REMI sang most of this, but Yuuka did a little duet with her that was longer than the original song, and it was amazing!), luminous sword (I actually sang the higher part, which I loved doing with the other girls), a vocal version of aerial flight (which was awesome), she has to overcome her fear (and this is where I sang with REMI, and then with Wakana shoulder to shoulder, then I went over to Konno, which I am amazed I didn't trip, and picked up my violin, and played with him! For like, what seemed like a long time. It was incredible. I think Yuki actually smiled in our direction and I nearly died again. Moon and shadow was next. The amount of cheering for that song shocked me. I was background again for that one but it was amazing. Yuriko and REMI did the duet this time. Then there were some instrumental ones. I think I played in climbing up the world tree. Afterward Yuki introduced me and the crowd cheered. I was pretty much out of breath but said Arigatou this time. And we did our bow. Then I woke up!!!! :stupidtable::voodoo:Ugh, I wanted to stay asleep in this dream forever. Even though it was SAO we did the handful of songs I loved. I get so shy even singing Kajiurago songs because I don't know how she composed them, they are so awesome. heh Well, there you go. Hope you enjoyed. I loved playing with Konno, but I never would in front of such a large crowd and Yuki too, even though she smiled. Oh and Yuuka sang in a few other songs too, but I forget which. She was awesome as usual. :dote:



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I dreamed that Kalafina were coming to my city, but it wasn't well-advertised so almost nobody watched it.

So I was at the central square of my city, talking on the phone with my brother, and my mother also wanted to talk to him, so I gave her the Bluetooth headset and went to watch Kalafina, they were singing just a bit further away. They were wearing some white dresses that looked like wedding gowns. I don't remember the setlist, but I remember I wanted to ask why they didn't sing Fairytale, given the dresses. I did get to talk to them at the end, and of course I wanted a picture with them, and that's when I realized I didn't have my phone with me. Meanwhile my mother had come to find me, so I asked her if I had given her my phone and she said no, and we ran off to find it. My poor boyfriend tried to talk to the girls and delay them a bit, so I could still talk with them and take the picture when I was back. I did find the phone, it was at the bottom of my bag in silent mode, but I woke up because of thirst and I didn't get to have my picture taken.