Akiko Shikata

But I liked that arrangement. :( Well, here's hoping it has a new title (or is included as a character single with the last blu-ray).
Damn... the last BD doesn't come with Embryo's towagatari. :( Has a "directors cut" of episode 22 if anyone cares.
^ was that the one where Embryo was turturing naked Ange ? Some people will like it but I dont care :P

maybe they had version of his song only in TV size.
about the ange & salamandine version, I think its kinda weird, I mean they have traditional instruments in the middle of the beaty pop song. and the "raguna raguna el raguna" part was kinda silly XD
I don't like the full version of El Ragna either (then again I didn't really like it when it first appeared in the show either). Horie is processed as usual, Mizuki is forcing it as usual, and as you said the middle part was random as heck. I did like OST3 though.

I don't remember if Embryo's rendition of Towagatari played when he was torturing Ange. I really liked the arrange so to me it's a shame they didn't release it - even as a short size (or only instrumental). Hope someone tweets Shikata about it.

no I was talking about the episode number they release uncut. the Embryo version played when he was firing the lazer thing with his ragna mail thing.

I can try twitting, hope she knows english :)
or I could try greek since she has like 15 songs in it ;)
She always lists translators for all the other languages in her booklets so I doubt she actually can understand them. ;p

Oh, and I don't remember any details about episode 22, lol.
haha yes I know but I doubt she sings them totally randomly because unlike eg. Sound Horizon, she pronounced the word more or less correct (if you except the added vowels between consonants and the R/L usual issue). That wouldnt be possible if she didnt study it a bit. You can compare one of her first songs in greek (was it the Muse album ? ) with the Istoria ones, even though the translation is fine in both, her way of singing and pronouncing is vey much improved in the latter ones :)

fun fact: "akuo tis karakakses na krazun" (she sings "klazun")

krazun = crying (not as in tears but voicing out)
klazun = farting XD

sent twits :D
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Just finished playing the sound novel of Umineko and now listening to -Ricordando il passato-. Damn, what a beautiful song. The lyrics are just perfect and the harmony is so touching.
Wokashi, the tradituonal japaneae inspired cd, wilk be coming out on aug 22, during comiket. Regular disc is said to have 6-7 tracks. Animate exclusive has a bonus mini disc with 3 extra tracks (ao ai/seiran/not sure on spelling/indigo blue which is vocal, wokashi instrumental and some orgel arrange). More on shikatas site and Twitter. Cant link cause im on a Phone.

Edit: Nevermind. Delayed to September 16 for some reason... Not particularly surprising for Shikata. 6 vocal tracks + 1 instrumental (#6). Composition, Arrange, Lyrics by Akiko Shikata, except where noted.

Okashi (spelled as Wokashi):
1. をかし (Okashi)
2. オトシモノ (Otoshimono)
3. 百鬼夜行 (Hyakkiyakou)
4. 輝夜 (Kaguya) (Lyrics by Akiko Shikata and Tomoko Shinoda)
5. 花鳥風月 (Kachoufuugetsu)
6. 風薫る (Kaze Kaoru) (Composition, Arrange by Ken Nakagawa)
7. 籠の鳥 (Kago no Tori)

"Seiran" Special Mini CD (Animate Edition bonus disc):
1. 青藍 (Seiran) (Lyrics by Wataru Hano)
2. をかし~Instrumental~
3. 百鬼夜行~Orgel Arrange ver~ (Arranged by Ken Nakagawa)

The site has Otoshimono~Orgel Arrange ver~ available as a preview (#2 on Wokashi).

Edit2: Yay, it's on amazon now. Although it skips the instrumental track from the tracklisting? Maybe it's an error.

Edit3: Comiket sampler is available at places. Definitely ordering my copy.

Wokashi short PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf4OKdCkzcs
Album crossfade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnVK44Dg1rA

Edit4: Romanization and other details added. Hopefully correct. The Okashi instrumental is an arrange, not an off vocal version.
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Recommended CD. Shikata's definitely re-emerging as my favorite after that dud that was Turaida. The album offers some great variety but still with that Shikata sound. Okashi is probably the weakest track IMHO for /reasons/ but I still like it. I hate that Seiran is an Animate exclusive and not part of the main album (which is what I have coming from Japan).
链接 is the link you need to copy into your url to take you to the download, and 密码 contains the password you need to copy and paste, I have deduced. Right now, it's 2nd to the bottom from the first link grunty posted.

(It took me a couple minutes to figure it out too since all the Chinese confused me). Hope that helps!

Thanks for sharing grunty!

I intended to pre-order the animate edition, but was waiting to see what the pre-orders were for some other albums coming out around that time (Kalafina, Maaya Sakamoto, Yui Makino). Sadly, by the time the last tokuten was announced last week, it seems it sold out before it even went on sale...so I am going through CDJapan (and their ridiculous fee) and we'll see how that goes. If that doesn't work, it's to YAJ and hoping for a copy that isn't ridiculously priced like it is right now at 4500 yen...
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Thank you Kansuigyo, I don't know read or understand chinese xD I find the upload in another side. I'm listening the new album and it seems a very lovely album.