A Kajiura SPECULAH thread, apparently.

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Ufotable’s next project is going to be a Genshin Impact adaptation. Maybe Kajiura for the OP/ED?
About to say that.. but let's see
Because being the main composer is out of the question because Yu Peng Chen or HoYoMix will take over the music.. maybe Kajiura will have a chance for the theme songs
Holy sh*t really ?

The game has excellent soundtrack by Yu Peng Chen so i think they can just reuse the same musics for the anime. Op/Ed who knows. Isnt Hoyomix just the sound team of the game developer (mihoyo) ?

Mfw when genshin impact (chinese) gets anime but breath of the wild that's japanese doesnt
Thats not a hint at all because she uses strings everywhere. Similar to how you always sautee an onion at the start of most foods :P
So are we going to have any new Kajiura project for this year ? Cause she only seems to work on the Parade album and that 2 episode drama ....

Her output has reduced so much compared to 10-20 years ago, maybe she is thinking about retirement 😔
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Guest composer for Kimetsu is a joke, she only does 1 long track and a few small ones every time. Eisen we only have trailer and no idea about release date, Pripri is already done so its doesnt really count, Madoka not even a trailer or a date.
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How am I supposed to know? I would guess Spring of 2024.

There was a one year gap between Progressive 1 and 2 with COVID delay for the 2nd one but if we also take COVID into consideration for the first movie and that it was supposedly done for a while before they announced the date, the gap would likely be at least a year and a half...
We're in February. There's still 3 seasons for this year and - while Spring seems unlikely other than maybe some tie-in songs for PARADE (songs from which have all been meh thus far) and maybe, just maybe PriPri Crown Handler OST1 - Summer and Fall are still possibilities. We didn't know anything about Fena until a month before the international premiere and Vanitas a month and a half beforehand.

Also stop complaining. We've had 10 years with 100 Kalafina songs, 400 SAO tracks and shitton of other Iwanami anime from ufotable and A1. If I need to wait longer for another Fena/Vanitas, so be it.
okay :waa: I was just thinking 1 Tv anime or game ost per year was a good rate, cause betting too much on the movie format delays things too much. But i guess its more profitable and that why they do it ?
When did we get 1 game OST a year? lol.

Also, on Japanese TV, Fena aired between Vanitas' cours so that was like 9 months of continuous Kajiura on TV. And that's not counting SAO Progressive1 at the same time.

Yes, things are looking kinda dry right now outside of the confirmed 2 episode drama (that we won't get a standalone OST of, lol) and PARADE but you never know... maybe we do get blessed with a TV anime out of nowhere.

PS. TV anime is kinda in a shit state right now with constant delays blamed on COVID.