A Kajiura SPECULAH thread, apparently.

Not sure if fans are being delulu or not cause I don't see any source from this but it seems she will be involved in stage play (Takarazuka)?
I've been thinking (daydreaming) about this for a while - there's maaaaybe a tiny chance that she's writing music for Suzume no Tojimari... :confu:
cdrama. waiting for confirmation
Wat? Chinese drama?
Another non-release for us? Uhhhhhhh.
Then again, maybe if she does enough Chinese productions then someone will release a box set of those works...

For the record:

lol 36 episodes at 45 minutes
Not sure how legit but lolz. We ain't getting Kajiura for a while if true.
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On one hand, it might make for some intadasting music. On the other hand, it might not get an album released.
Mmmm... mmmmm... mite b cool.

Oh fug. I just noticed it says 2023. That's like 10 years from now reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I don't think we'll be getting any confirmation soon.
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Did that header on Kajiura's twitter change recently or has it been that for a while now?

Recording extra songs? Mixing? Mastering the FJ album already?
^ Dont remember it being there before. Is that from NY ? She did mixing recording of the previous FJ albums and Fiction I II there too i think.
Nah it’s been here for like one year from now and at that time we were speculating about a new album, remember?

This picture was taken from Shinjuku Gyoen and the tallest tower here is Docomo Yoyogi Building. But both backlight and framing are awful omg
New SAO movie is done, Madoka is DOA, the FJ album is 7 months away... mebbe something for the winter season?
This is just a speculation but... No Kajiura for Aniplex Fest 2022

But... There's a possibility they will perform the SAO anniversary song?