30th Anniversary Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#18 〜The PARADE goes on〜 (July 22 - Au 20, 2023) & in Asia (Nov4-18)

kind of tacky logos tbh

(well, the 30th anniversary one isn’t that terrible after staring at it for a few minutes)

I was coming to write about this! Also, KOKIA was announce as guest for the second date
Very interesting. I wonder if she’ll just perform the rainbow songs or if Kajiura will give her something special
That's quite surprising. Inviting her makes sense since she's her first soundtrack singer. Though maybe KOKIA is singing in whatever Kajiura has been recording, and decided to might as well invite her hue.
I gotta say, day 2 seems like it'll be the more exciting day.
Well, 2023 is a little like 2019 with November Chiaki Ishikawa lives in each year and something big in December.
Have just bought a ticket for Day2 and its status in the booking site is ‘only a few left’ for Day2 (It’s just ‘available’ for Day1.) I suggest that you’d be hurry if you want Day2 ticket.

By the way, it’s said that “Seat number will not be informed beforehand until you pick up your ticket at the venue on the day.” Anyone know when will the pickup start? I went over the official&ticket sites and just know only that it opens at 15.00 and starts at 16.00. The pickup time should be earlier…? (Do you think it is kind of the earlier, the better seat? Or it’s already assigned randomly before the event?)
According to the FAQ tab of e+, they will sent you an email with the details for the pickup before the events. Regarding the seat, the site doesn't specify much about that, but it says that if you purchase more than one ticket for a concert, they will try to assign adjacent seats, so I think the assigned is done when you do the purchase, yet it doesn't tell you until that day