30th Anniversary Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#18 〜The PARADE goes on〜 (July 22 - Au 20, 2023) & in Asia (Nov4-18)

Some pics from the lives.











Since im confused, did the lives in Taipei actually happen, and if yes does anyone have the setlists ?
same for the Hong Kong and Shanghai one

Looks like that it did happen https://twitter.com/YKajiura_staff/status/1725695319319421257
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No hate to the new girls but even though I know it's not gonna happen I kinda hope that Kajiura won't bring rito and leia to YKL20 onwards
The audio equipment of Shanghai Hongguan EH was very awful,i could barely distinguish uta-himes' soprano from accompaniment (except for Joelle, her performence was perfect through the whole live). And maybe for the sake of safty, we were not allowed to stand up, even during stone cold and zodiacal sign, we had to stick to chair and wave hands. Kind of weird, but we tried our best to interact :desksweat:.

Even though, I quit enjoyed the live. 優しい夜明け and 君がいた物語 are my favorite, pure as moonlight but also fierce as fire. 蒼穹のファンファーレ is far beyond the original version in SAO 10th Anniversary.

Here is the setlist from FictionJunction's offical website. I add some notes about the lead vocalists I can remember:

ことのほかやわらかい [PARADE / FictionJunction]
夜光塗料 [PARADE / FictionJunction](Rito)
storytelling [elemental / FictionJunction]
- MC -
もう君のことを見たくない [PARADE / FictionJunction] (Rito)
凱歌 [elemental / FictionJunction]
cynical world [FICTION / 梶浦由記] (Rito)(Joelle)
key of the twilight [FICTION / 梶浦由記]
- MC -
それは小さな光のような [PARADE / FictionJunction] (Keiko)
八月のオルガン [PARADE / FictionJunction] (Lino)
cazdor del amore [Everlasting Songs / FictionJunction] (Lino)
- MC -
暁の車 [Destination / FictionJunction YUUKA] (Lino)
優しい夜明け [Dream Field / See-Saw] (Joelle)
君がいた物語 [Dream Field / See-Saw]
zodiacal sign [FICTION / 梶浦由記]
stone cold [elemental / FictionJunction]
- MC -
moonlight melody [PARADE / FictionJunction]
Parade [PARADE / FictionJunction]
- EN -
Beginning [PARADE / FictionJunction]
Parallel Hearts [elemental / FictionJunction]
- MC -
蒼穹のファンファーレ [PARADE / FictionJunction]

I took this picture outside the venue. The flowers were from some chinese fans, they also held a small communtion event before the live.
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Glad you had at least some fun.

Had no idea rito was doing cynical world...... -_- (or I had already forgotten... lol.)
Glad you had at least some fun.

Had no idea rito was doing cynical world...... -_- (or I had already forgotten... lol.)
Lino made few mistakes at the beginning of 暁の車, with only piano accompaniment, it was very obvious.
Sorry, my memory was not correct. Rito didn't sing cynical world in Shanghai, the leading vocalist was Joelle. Rito sang 荒野流転 in Taipe or HK.
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It turns out there are fan videos from the Shanghai concert on bilibili.

1. digest
a. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1bu411F7W9/
b. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Pw411p7Jy/

b FictionJunction feat. rito - Yako toryo (excerpt)
b Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no you na (excerpt)
b FictionJunction feat. rito - Mou Kimi no Koto wo Mitakunai (excerpt)
a stone cold (excerpt)
a/b Parallel Hearts (excerpt)
well, where without this couple
a/b Akatsuki no Kuruma и Soukyu no Fanfare

2. Soukyu no Fanfare (one of the versions)
3. beginning
4. FictionJunction feat. rito - Yako toryo
5. Parallel Hearts
a. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1sN4y1m7Rq/
b. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Dg4y1Q74V/
6. moonlight melody
а. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Wg4y1X7cD/
b. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1tN4y1S7MZ/

The rest of the posted videos are Akatsuki no Kuruma from different angles.