Yuriko Kaida's solo career


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Oh so the digital version doesn't come with instrumentals. Hmmm. Hopefully the CD does (every shop that has a tracklisting seems to say so), ordered it with Progressive.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
>Unavailable in Spotify
>Video unavailable
Does it still not work despite it being the 13th for you?

Pretty cheap lossless download on ototoy if anyone wants to purchase.

"Tokoshieni" is alright. Has some nice moments which I feel work pretty well with Yuriko's voice like the 2nd half of the opening refrain, the final higher refrain (I actually wonder if this was Kajiura's idea or something they went for while arranging it) or the very end of the bridge. But then there's Yuriko regularly switching between that relatively light and then forced voice, plus some of that squeezed/screeched out vibrato on certain vowels that I often don't care for. Didn't care for the glisses in the 2nd refrain either. The arrange itself is alright but I do think it's missing DATSOUND, or just that SOMETHINGEXTRA in the production to support Yuriko more.
"Scatter" I find very meh - mostly because of the instrumental & production, a step down from "Musubi" for Yuriko's collabs with Seiji Iwasaki. I can hear how the vocal melody could be fun to perform though.
The new "Hitotsunagi" is an improvement over the powerballad101 original IMHO. I wonder if it's Seiji Iwasaki on guitar? Don't think it needed to retain that keychange for the last refrain from the original.

Keeping my fingers crossed for those instrumentals on CD.

tldr: "My Hometown" FTW still, IMHO, lol. I'd like Yuriko to work with people responsible for that track again (including producers), just to see if it was a fluke that I liked it. Or maybe it's the genre that I like Yuriko in? Who knows?
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