"Yuki Kajiura Live vol.#17 ~PARADE~" June 18 - Aug 12, 2022

The amount of times Kajiura uses megami talking about Joelle... dang... I guess we'll be hearing Joelle a lot...
v( '')v I doubt she'd still be on the Urobuchi movie soundtrack if there was any bad blood. Inconsistency does suck though.

By the way, if the 3rd progressive movie isn't announced around the Full Dive SAO anniversary event, then this project might be over for now... Unital Ring still isn't finished in the novels, is it?
Kimestu no Yaiba: love the opening. Rie's outfit! Wow I don't remember this at all in the show. So epic. I love it when Yuki smiles since it's going so well. Damn Konno at the end.

Sea is never without a wave: Joelle! Such a dramatic change but it works. So far it's giving me chills. They are all great.

Vice versa: wow. Chills.

Time to sail: I didn't care for this song too much on the ost, but the live is awesome. At one point the Kajiurago reminds me of like Les Mis or something.
What she was here for: I really like this song. The live is great! Kaori! They were good together.

Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no you na: wow Keiko! I like this song a lot. I am looking forward to this on the album. I was hoping for a mostly Keiko song again like Nohara. So pretty. I love all of their outfits this live. Dang Yuriko at the end. Vocals!

Fiction: I didn't care for this Emily song, but this ver is awesome. (A podcast I was listening to said a musician can just add "la la la" to a song. I laughed because Yuki has a lot of songs with it in)

Hanamori: I love this song so much. Any ver of it is great.

Lotus: Hanae! I like this song too. The percussion and piano in the beg is so good.

Vanitas: inverse operation: love this song. Vocals are chilling. Hanae reaching up. Thought there was going to be weird Kalafina like choreo. Lol this live has epic song after epic song.

Le chasseur: yes! Bone chilling vocals. I don't know, Hanae is really amazing here. More so than usual.
Mezame: got more shivers than usual.

Rita: I'm liking this ballad. The violin is so sweet. Makes me want to cry. She can really go low. I like her.

Lino: her poofy skirt thing. Lol yes she does sound like Yuuka at times. Maybe she'll sound more polished on the album. Seems like it should have been in Fena. Yuki smiling again. This flows better than Sokyu. Lino has good vocal delivery. She's so cute. Her outfit is so confusing, though. Heh

Elemental: everyone getting into it is so cute. I didn't like this song at first until the 1st live of it. It grew on me. Kaori looks like she's having fun.

Zodiacal sign: of course. Her Ongaku. Damn it was good. Their dancing was so fun too. Rie getting into it. Lol

Parallel hearts: I like eternal blue better. I kind of wish this wasn't played anymore. I still like it, but it's been done so much. Konno Hitoshi on his own platform though! So awesome.

Swordland: okay the live ver is better.
Luminous sword: it was okay this time.

Sprinter: Hikaru crying. Wow. I'm crying. 1st time Yuki has played with them since anime Boston, which I was at! Wow. I was hoping for more. But yeah Joelle at the end... it was kind of weird.

Sweet song: I prefer maybe tomorrow to this song, but it was pretty. I like the instrumental parts.

Overall I thought this was the best live. Just epic song after each other! I love the new songs. Kajiura knows how to put on a concert. Konno is on his own platform because he is awesome and no one can say anything bad about him or I am coming for them.
Maybe thats why she dethroned REMI from SAO 🤣
I didn't know about this. But yeah she seems to have disappeared. I like Joelle a lot so I don't mind. I wish she would have more Japanese vocal songs, not just background or Kajiurago. She has such an amazing voice. Holding out for the album, but not holding my breath. Seemed like Yuriko got more parts in this live overall.
I just remembered, they didn't perform Inside a dream and Why did you kill our father reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
oop, it's been taken down on bili.

Anyone has a 1080p rip of it? I tried using youtube-dl but it'd only ever download from bili in 360p.
I tried using youtube-dl but it'd only ever download from bili in 360p.
As far as bili goes, I'm using annie/lux (iawia002/lux on github) since it's the only thing that can handle their playlists. Or was the only thing at the time I started using it - I've not looked into yt-dlp's handling of bili in a while.

They who shall not be named graciously shared a 4GB version of this live so head over to their tumblr. Not sure if it's the actual archive video or a screen recording (I think they put up screen recordings in the past but they were never this size) - it's way better than the earlier bili upload at first glance so thanks&credit to them.
The mp4 is 30fps but the actual video seems 24fps (madvr deinterlaces it to film properly so no biggie) and the audio is 96kHz aac (???) but maybe that's how the archive video really was.
I just remembered, they didn't perform Inside a dream and Why did you kill our father reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I was waiting for this too. Inside a dream especially. I actually thought Sore wa sounded a lot like it. Did Yuki arrange the melody different? It sounds really similar to the melody.
Anyone has a 1080p rip of it? I tried using youtube-dl but it'd only ever download from bili in 360p.
I already kinda answered the 1080p part but I think with Full Dive I encountered and understood what you meant.

I'm guessing bili is only allowing up to 480p for unregistered users now?
I don't know if it's a permanent change or an automatic & temporary limit related to website traffic... hmmm...
I watched the live and honestly I was really impressed!! The setlist was really strong other than swordland and luminous sword which honestly i just skipped through lol, and everyone sounded amazing (although I feel like Kaori was having a bit of an off day, especially in 花守の丘). It was also awesome to hear rito and Lino Leia for the first time in the context of YK's music, I can definitely see how they both fit into YK's arsenal.

Some highlights:
vise versa- Joelle sounded amazing here. I feel like this style of music is where she really shines, these kinda mysterious and somber pieces, and I'd love to hear more of her in this style.
それは小さな光のような- KEIKO OMGGGGGG. I feel like Keiko is who should've been the main singer on this piece from the beginning. Sayuri's voice has always kinda grated on my ears a bit, which ruined an otherwise amazing song. Keiko is finally doing the song justice and it sounds amazing. Plus Yuriko Kaida's part at the end is just icing on the cake.
もう君のことを見たくない- Is it just me, or does rito sound kinda halfway between Yuuka & Hikaru? I can definitely hear some similarities to both in her voice, I'm really interested to see how she continues to work with Kajiura.
八月のオルガン- I remember someone saying this piece reminds them of ring your bell, which I can definitely see. Lino Leia blended really well with everyone, and I'm also excited to see how she continues to work with Kajiura in the future.
zodiacal sign- Honestly at first I wasn't that interested but everyone seemed like they were just having fun with this piece. Plus Rie Akagi's little dance, I love it :XD:
sprinter- Not gonna lie, I cried seeing the return of Hikaru and the closest we've gotten to a proper Kalafina performance since 2018. Hikaru sounded really strong, too, she's definitely taken some time to give her voice some R&R and then training since the Kala days. Hopefully Hikaru continues to make appearances at FJ lives just so we can get more pseudo-Kalafina performances (or possibly her, keiko, and wakana reform Kala):glasses:
first of all, I’m obsessed with akagie rie’s outfit. 10/10
I can already tell I'm going to have the same old complaint - too much playback for a live show.
+1 it’s ridiculous just let me hear konnoooo
lotus with live percussion sounded great.
I didn’t think lotus could get any better and then they added live percussion... chef’s kiss
Mou kimo wo mitakunai: This song feels very See-Saw-ish. I can totally hear Chiaki singing it.
it sounded like a saeko chiba song to me tbh
The album is coming out in April!!! Yay! I wasn't expecting it that soon. But just in time for my bday!
Also I think Lino's song is too long. She gets a little winded singing it during the live. Just listened again today. I like Rito's song. It did remind me of Saeko, but I love her so I didn't mind.
Finally got around to watching it last night!

Main Theme of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Wow! I’m utterly speechless. This was such a good choice to open up the concert, and the lighting and the FBM are on point! Also, Keiko’s one of the few vocalists who can pull off this singing style without making it overly obnoxious, so her work here is quite impressive!

The Sea Is Never Without A Wave: Solid. Like the other Fena TK songs, this one kind of blends into the background for me a bit, but it’s not bad! Just slightly forgettable.

Vice Versa: WOW! This was one of the tracks I was most excited for, and it did not disappoint! I’ll admit that Joelle’s voice did do the “squalling” thing that irritates me sometimes, but she was able to hold the song together and weave together its immaculate atmosphere. I love it!

Time To Sail: A ton of fun! Not much else to say here, but I enjoyed it.

What She Was Here For: RIE. RIE. RIE. Her flute work on here is gorgeous, and Joelle does a great job with the vocal sections! A great performance!

Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no You na: I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS! Keiko’s voice for this song is perfection; I could listen to it all day! Kajiura’s arrangement is also on point, and Kaori and Yuriko both do a great job with the harmonies and backing vocals! I wouldn’t complain if this rendition becomes a self-cover on the “Parade” album, but I‘m not going to get my hopes up haha. Anyways, like I said, I love this!

Fiction: Joelle is no Emily Bindiger. All I have to say, really.

Hanamori no Oka: Kaori should have shortened her notes on the verses. In the original, there’s a lovely raindrop staccato to her voice, and I’m missing that here. The chorus was well done, though!

Lotus: Another favorite! Hanae’s vocals are atmospheric perfection, as are the lighting switches, and Obawo and Korenaga do a great job, respectively! (As does Konno, but the playback is always really noticeable.)

Inverse Operation: Nice and epic. I quite enjoyed it.

Le Chasseur: Boring. The notes are a bit too short for Hanae to work with, and the melody doesn’t interest me.

Mezame: Pretty great! Hanae’s always done a really good job with this one, which makes sense since she IS the original vocalist. Anyways, the Himeboshi part midway through should have gone to Yuriko instead of Joelle, so that disappointed me, but the rest was pretty great, if a bit long!

Rito & Leia: Skipped both of these tracks. I want to wait for April.

Elemental: This was EXCELLENT! Kaori’s voice is so intense, and she brings a lot of fire to the song. A great performance!

Zodiacal Sign: Hmm. I thought the vocals here were a lot weaker than usual. I’m still very fond of the ‘Awake’ motif sections, which are as great as ever, but the main song feels overly quiet and not energetic enough. The on-stage interactions made up for it, however! You could tell how much fun everyone was having.

Parallel Hearts: Wakana was always the one part of the song I could bring myself to care for. Without her, well, there’s not a lot to it. Quite dull.

Swordland: Good performance, though the SAO tracks have never been my favorite.

Luminous Sword: See above.

Sprinter: You know, something about this song makes me think about time, and the connections a person makes throughout that time. There are so many people who can come into your life, and still so many others who will leave it. Sometimes, it fills you with joy. Others, with sorrow. You can’t help but long for the past, whether it be in a massive regard or just a minuscule one. Nothing ever really stays the same, and that’s a difficult thing to process. And this song feels like those emotions. Anyways, Hikaru is amazing and I cried a lot. 君に会いたい.

Sweet Song: Good performance, but I was still processing Sprinter.

Anyways, this was a good live! Some songs dragged on a bit too long, and there were some disappointing vocal choices, but I preferred it to the last one! Excited for the album in April!
just some extra notes after listening to the mp3s, watching the singers makes me a softy.. so:

- Hikaru has a... problem in the voice. something is not right, it's not too terrible but whenever she goes solo and raises the volume, you can hear the scratching of the voice, that's the only way I can describe it. tho I still enjoy the song, and her comeback felt heartwarming xD

- Keiko on Sore wa... is just purely excellent. not a single note gone wrong, it's just perfect. it's so good live that I can't believe it for a sec sometimes lol. her voice switching poses at 3:24 is simply a delight. her highs are joy. She and Yuriko are stars of this live imo. 2:02 reminds me of chrono trigger lol.

- parallel hearts.. i went back to lives and original with Wakana (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzF-Vol2GAA). hmm no. Joelle's voice is too cutesy for this song. Wakana's voice was much more mature and full sounding. Sorry Joelle. it's not too bad tho, I still enjoy it, she sings it right too, it's just not the same.

-time to sail: the playback had made me mad but the real brass at 0:41.... even if playback, it sounds gorgeous lol. the vocals make me smile despite the song being a weird choice for live.

- vice versa, what she was here for : Joelle doesn't sound as magical as the originals for some reason.

- Hanae... I think vol9 mezame is still better than this. like at 1:00 it lacks the punch that vol9 had. tho otherwise she is great. (some weird mixing issues with inverse operation I can't quite put my finger on).
vice versa, what she was here for : Joelle doesn't sound as magical as the originals for some reason. > Its beause she sings in pop style instead of opera style like the ost ver.

I agree about parallel hearts.