Yuki Kajiura Live VOL 15 ~ The Junctions of Fiction 2019 ~ (+ Soundtrack Special, Asia Tour -HK,SG,TW-)

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Zuiyon went to the HK live and brought back some onions for us!
I made a listening version for myself by splitting it up into separate songs, adding tags, removing most of the applause and MCs, and boosting the level after lowering some of the non-music peaks. If anyone else would like these files to save themselves the trouble of doing that themselves, I'll leave this up for a week.

I've only listened to it once so far, but who's the really excited one in the Stone Cold chorus, Keiko or Joelle?
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Thank you so much for providing us the music...

They did a great job wow. I'm amazed. But still, even Joelle can't replace wakana in Yk songs. Her voice, while it's not as stable as joelle's, still very unique at least for me

And I want to know who was singing the main line in he comes back again and again? Is it yuriko or Joelle? 🤔

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Thanks @Kerahna for sharing Zui’s sound files! PS why did he leave the forum and never come back :(

Didn’t listen to alla dem yet but I gotta say I like this airy voice KEIKO is using (I swear, Kazenomachie). It’s a new style and I DIG. I’m all for experimentation even if it’s not the best potential!!!! Omg and her vocalizations at the bridge of “I swear”??? YES PLEASE!

Loved “vanity” with Joelle. She sounds somewhat like Emily to me, with kind of a powerful yet strainy kinda voice.


@giffy but with Joelle we actually get a pleasant concert to listen to, not so much when Wakana was still around :p

@Atlas Star omg i thought I'm the only one who digs Keiko's voice in I swear and Kaze no Machi e! This airy voice is imo a good balance between her trademark low voice and her "cutesy" voice. It actually sounds very soft and feminine to my ears. But that's probably because I'm a huge Keiko fan lol

And with Joelle maining all the english songs and singing the soprano parts on many other songs, I really think Kajiura should've let Keiko kept her part in maybe tomorrow and probably the world. Joelle sounds good in both songs but there's a noticeable tiredness on her voice and how she seems to push her voice more in both songs. Vanity with Joelle though, pure love.

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So mad that I'm this late.

  • Main Theme of KnY: Loving the neo-enka without the sound of singing in between your eyes! I never finished the show and had completely forgotten how this song sounded.
  • Old Fashioned Fairytale: ". . . is not a good track for lives going by this", my ass. I'm sorry but I cannot roll my eyes far back enough at this thought process.
  • Fake Wings: Impeccable pronunciation! Although I do miss the harmony.
  • I Swear: Such delicacy this time around -- the one from the old concert has been heard so much at this point that my face was like :confu: for the majority of the song in the best way!
  • Forest: UGH, EARS! My HEART! My GOD I was obsessed with this, I went back 3 times before I could move on. :white:
  • Sweet Song: Oop. Too strong that day.
  • Petals and Butterfly: I actually don't remember this song at all, but see (hear) no issue in comparison to others.
  • He Comes Back Again and Again: F**K Keiko is low!
  • Absolute Configuration: Nothing bad, it sounds . . . familiar, I guess.
  • Hoshikuzu: Hmm . . . not my personal favorite live version, to my surprise.
  • Kaze no Machi he: Uh . . . I don't know.
  • Elemental: This, noticeably at the first chorus end and most of the second verse, sounds like Kaori did some straining that sounds like she was back in her Gift days, and it was . . . an interesting choice. Pretty sudden, which certainly gave me a couple :omgz: 's as I enjoy this song and was not prepared, I guess. Though it was not the day for those "kimi wo te wo toru yo"s.
  • Storytelling: Yes, it sounded like Kaori felt at home but for a point it felt like Miss Kaida left it, although she ended up fixing it XD
  • Moonlight Melody: Never could appreciate this song, so I'm thankful for the beauty of a live version. However, to go into this after Storytelling?
  • L.O.R.D. Theme: :nosebleed:
  • Fiction: The groove that Joelle inserted into this song can f**k my mouth with an egg roll. :dote:
  • Vanity: See Fiction. Love the slight personal insertions everyone seems to have made to their respective canon/harmony.
  • In The Land Of Twilight, Under The Moon: Fabulous. Also the strongest I've ever personally heard Kaori in a performance of this.
  • Luminous Sword: Positive words, nothing shocking.
  • She Has To Overcome Her Fear: Certainly on par with the level of the old SAO Live!
  • Maybe Tomorrow: Gorgeous but oop, Joelle, I caught that.
  • The World: Woo, Jesus. I mean, woo, Joelle. After this I felt like one of those forever-sweaty church mothers.
  • Stone Cold: Chorus would get a tad pitchy at times, although they were likely in the moment a bit too strong to be concerned. Nice Kajiurago bridge, however.
  • Zodiacal Sign: SUDDENLY FLUTE SOLO. Also I thought Miss Kaida's mic died for a while in that first bridge!

Still mourning for the lack of a DVD release, of course. :cry:


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Old Fashioned Fairytale: ". . . is not a good track for lives going by this", my ass. I'm sorry but I cannot roll my eyes far back enough at this thought process.
It's not to me. It's 2 minutes of steady midtempo lul. It gave me nothing. Glad you liked it.

Thanks for reading my comment. Hope your eyes returned to their position safely.


lmao i really should've learnt my lesson and never click on that show ignored content again


I have reached Yuki nirvana
And with Joelle maining all the english songs and singing the soprano parts on many other songs, I really think Kajiura should've let Keiko kept her part in maybe tomorrow and probably the world.
I agree. Keiko could have kept the verses for MT, and the first and last verses for za warudo, and the others parts Joelle.

petals and butterfly. Sounds to me like Yuriko didn't warm up and is squeezing it out (or is it the harmonies that are giving it that impression? dang the recording quality! ;p) or maybe shouldn't be trying singing "delicately" for the high melodies... :| It's like she's scared of hitting them notes. I don't know - I guess as a Yuriko stan, I'm sad now. It's similar to how she sounded last year during AX lancer and assassin when reaching the high note except back then she fixed it by the 2nd time she had to sing it.
I think it's just the soft singing and her timbre. It didn't really sound like she had problems with the notes though. In the Lancer and Assassin performance from AX her voice sounded drowned in some high notes, like it got stuck in her throat or something. A placement issue I guess. I don't really hear that here.
- who did the first high note @ 1:26:50 (and then the same thing a minute later)? Joelle or Yuriko? Presume Joelle cause it sounds like Yuriko is struggling during the iliyailiya parts.
You mean the long "itsuka" and "kimi no"? Sounds like Joelle. Yuriko did sound odd singing the iliyas.
moonlight melody, that transition into the track after storytelling was horrible. Yuriko... what's going on... maybe it's not just the delicate singing... :( Joelle's solo was v gud but when other voices joined in I lost interest since it didn't sound great (including Joelle I think).
It really wasn't a good fit for Yuriko. Her chest voice isn't very aesthetic tbh. Like I said Keiko would've been better. Or Asuka if she was a guest. Or even better, Yuuka.


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It really wasn't a good fit for Yuriko. Her chest voice isn't very aesthetic tbh.
I don't know if I agree with that so I'll just stick to thinking she simply sucked here, lol. I guess I also got used to the 2nd half of her verse after relistening.
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You're right, I forgot about songs like Himitsu and Gensou Rakuen. I'll just go with not a good fit then, hue.


Yesterday setlist:

The main theme of "Kimetsu no yaiba"
Old-fashioned fairy tale
Fake wings
I swear
Petals and butterfly
he comes back again and again
Moonlight Melody
L.O.R.D main theme
in the land of twilight, under the moon
Luminous Sword
She has to overcome her fear
Hana no uta
I beg you
I reach for the sun

the world
stone cold
Zodiacal Sign


Just checked that on the day Asuka was the guest, they sang Sayonara Solitaire and Hoshi (Saeko Chiba). I assume she was the main vocal on both songs? Really want to hear her take on those 2 songs


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Obviously I wasn't there but I don't think the guests ever did the last track in the main setlist?


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Were haha no uta and i beg you just her or did keiko/kaori/yuriko/joelle provide harmonies and backup vocals?