What is your favorite song today?


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Sound Horizon - utsukushiki mono

Hayden Kurosaki

My current favorite by Yuki Kajiura or any related vocalists at this moment would have to be the version of Gaika from the Elemental Live, and Signal by Kalafina. I am still desperate to use Signal as my anime opening :love:

My current non-Kajiura-related bop, slowly increasing in infectious energy over the past thirty days to not being able to let go of it over this past work week, has been Utada Hikaru’s 6th track on the Fantôme album, “Tomodachi”. The song is relatable to both myself and multiple original character situations of mine — to my personal surprise, also, as I didn’t know until yesterday night that she’d written the song intending for the story to be about a same-sex relationship. The beat and horns are indescribably frustratingly addictive and compiled with newfound knowledge about the song’s background, it looks like getting over this track is gonna take a pretty minute.

Unrelated but it seems like the tracks of H-el-ical// might follow a release schedule of, like, every other month or so. I’m personally hoping Hikaru will give us one more good bop for October, or at least, some time before that winter tour! I walk A LOT and I’m sure people are catching me with my earphones on at a stoplight, singing “I’m ganna turn left”, thinking, “they still got those alcohol levels high in Detroit” . . .


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OMG guys, some songs here are amazing! I even tried to listen to all those mentioned in the first pages. Got a dose of melancholy! Amazing thread, thanks to the creator. I am busy these days reconstructing my room so I have a lot of time for good music. Today is K-POP day! I guess I am going to play all the BTS albums. Any fans of kpop here? Would be great to meet some and share fav songs. Looking forward to go to concerts again when they cancel these annoying restrictions. Let me share a song with you. BTS- Dynamite. This song is so good, you will like it. It's something new and revolutionizing!
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We Have To Go / Steve Jablonsky
By far my favorite track over the past years, climatic af, loving it more and more with every listen since its release (2017).
But still can't really decide between this album version or the BGM twisted version (We Have To Go - Zero Gravity) tho.

This being said, "Argon" from my previous post statistically remains in my Top 0,1 % (in which Thomas Bergersen and then Yuki Kajiura are the most recurrent).
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