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What are you listening to right NOW?


I have reached Yuki nirvana
double post but obbligato-Kalafina (what an effing perfect song. Even without strings, which I love. Funny how my top 3 songs, this, Tsuioku (yes I know it has cello, I forgot it I meant Konno heh) and I have a dream don't have strings in the original versions. I miss them so much. I wish they sung this more than Ongaku or heavenly blue.)
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Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
I've been listening to some of Akira Senju's stuff and I remember why I like him so much.
I really love this piece. It almost makes me wish Kajiura was doing Kimestu no Yaiba with Senju instead of Go Shiina.


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
@sora I still don't know why Go Shiina news got a big response here, lol. I guess it's not my destiny to "know why" - I just don't seem to enjoy his work much.
I was excited when I first heard the news because I love his soundtrack for Kyousogiga. It was one of my favorite osts of 2013. Having listened to some of his more recent works, my excitement has died down lol.