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What are you listening to right NOW?


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
or when Wakana says : " I want to stay with Yuki!! "

and behind her creeps in Keiko : "No... I want to start my solo career and do Jazz."

Wakana: "can't be..."

Limits - Pandora Hearts


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
Keiko: "Kalafina is nothing without me! You've always put me in the background save a few songs. I deserve more!!! and I can sing better than any of you"

Wakana: " but we've always loved you. How can you do this to us?"

Hikaru shrugs. Keiko walks out the door when plays :

(latter part of) Total Eclipse - Tsubasa Chronicles


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
year 2020... Wakana and Hikaru found a new member, Momo. She is an absolute beauty and sings heavenly. A perfect pitch.
They are about to sing at a concert at Tokyo Arena. All glamorous dresses and lights. Suddenly, all lights go black. A word appears in bold red : "WARNING" and turns clockwise in all the screens around the arena.

Wakana: "What is going on? This wasn't part of the concert?"

Hikaru shrugs.

Then slowly Momo takes the center stage and speaks in Keiko's voice !!! : "Kalafina is MINE!!!" turns out Momo was an android built by Keiko to infiltrate Kalafina.

while playing Communication Breakdown - Xenosaga II.