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What are you listening to right NOW?


I have reached Yuki nirvana
aki: I used to love that movie, and the soundtrack was pretty awesome. :) I like Mulan in Once Upon a Time too.



Passion Riders - Animelo Summer Live 2016 theme song - just wish that the CD case didn't have a crack in it that wasn't visible until I took the wrapper off. Put in a claim with FromJapan - apparently the damage happened before they packed it.
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John Powell (arr. Sean O'Loughlin)- How to Train Your Dragon arrangement for band.

My band is playing this, and it's absolutely beautiful, especially in the harmonies towards the end (which I play!). It's definitely one of my favorite pieces that I've played for band, and it makes me feel sad that I'll be dropping out for next school year (because of how scheduling works, I won't be able to be in both band and art. It was a very hard decision). I play the 2nd clarinet part. For those who are wondering, the selections include "This is Berk", "Romantic Flight", and "Coming Back Around".


I have reached Yuki nirvana
@Westkana I love the soundtrack to that series! The show's music is good, but not as good as the movies of course.

@Kugayama: I have listened to some of that soundtrack and it is good. I want to watch the show... there's so much I want to watch. heh

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Kalafina - Magia live 2011
Kalafina - Fantasia live Budokan Red Day
FictionJunction Type Moon Fes 2012
FictionJunction - Salva Nos Live Vol 4