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Wakana solo career


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Yakusoku no Yoake somehow sounds very Kajiuraish to me, especially it's the only song so far who actually has harmony. I think I would like Ruriiro no Sora based on the sample. Would like the instrumental version for Kinmokusei, Hard Rain, Tsubasa, Ruriiro no Sora, Yakusoku no Yoake, and Boku no Kokoro no Tokei. Tsubasa studio version doesn't pack the same punch as Tsubasa live version, though Wakana's vocal is less honky on the studio version. Surprising thing is that Wakana actually said that she's supposed to sound powerful and she was using the kind of voice she's never used before in Kioku no Hito but tbh I don't hear any difference from the usual strain/throaty Wakana voice that had been around since 2012.
Ai no Hana and Toki no Ne is very sleep inducing..

Tldr: I think I would appreciate the instrumental only and use those songs to lull me into sleep


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Yakusoku no Yoake: pretty good. I like it. Sounds like it could be a Historia theme.And I think the wind instrument is a tin whistle?
Rurii no sora: It has a cool vibe, but it doesn't really do anything with it. Kinda long too.
Nagareboshi: zzz
Kioku no hito: zzz. I said it before, some notes are way too low for her. The high notes hurt my ears.
Toki wo: No
Hard rain: Sounds like a coal animu OP. The brass is kinda cheesy in the refrain, but other than that I enjoyed it.
Kinmokusei: (copy/pasted my opinion since it hasn;t changed, hue) I like the music and arrangement, but the high notes in the refrain seriously hurt my ears. That key change on the last refrain *shudders*.
僕の心の時計 (too lazy to look for the romaji hue): Pretty boring and repetitive, but I liked the oooh at the end. The lalalas are too nasal, wtf.
時の音: Sweet, but boring. Also, once again, some notes are too low.
愛の花: Pretty boring, but I like the falsetto part.

I liked two songs, yay.
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Yakusoku no Yoake wow nice, I think the song fits her voice. or rather the other way around. - yes very Kajiura like. but SYNTH STRINGS NO!!!!!!

will listen to the rest but nothing too heart melting.

doesn’t it lack the Kajiura punch? I mean it could have been good thing but something feels missing to me after all this time haha


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I feel the same as I did from the samples. Everything's better than Toki wo. And she sounds the worst in Yakusoku IMHO (well, after Toki wo).
I think if you remove Toki wo it's a surefine debut considering it's Wakana and they whipped it out in a year. :p
Who knew Kalafina ending would also be the best thing to happen for Wakana.

Have some ??? regarding how soft everything sounds and how quiet parts feel as loud as the more active parts, not sure if it's just the compression... Makes the whole disc feel samey.
Also, not sure about some of the harmonies. I mean, they feel a little like they are there just for the sake of having some, lol.
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What I find funny is the parallel between Fiction Junction members and Scandal.... Kalafina was on Sony... Now Wakana is on JVC.... Guess who just left Sony and signed with JVC ? HMM ??? Co-incidence ?


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Kalafina was under SACRA since 2017 and SACRA specialized in Anisong music. Wakana doesn't sing Anisong yet, so she couldn't be signed to SACRA. After Kalafina was somewhat abruptly terminated, I doubt Sony Music and its subsidiary would want to sign a previous member of the group. So I think it's a mere coincidence. Or maybe JVC offers a better share compared to Sony Music and that's why she chose JVC. And i thought Scandal has established their own private label "her" or was it under JVC?


I have reached Yuki nirvana
About Wakana's album, it's actually a good debut album and I did enjoy the songs more than I thought I would. I liked Yakusoku no Yoake (the whole song is good so i can forgive how wobbly Wakana's voice here), Tsubasa, Ruriiro no Sora, Hard Rain (imo this song has the best Wakana vocals from the whole album), and Ai no Hana. Would've liked Kinmokusei and Kioku no Hito if Wakana's vocal was actually better because her voice hurt my ears in Kioku no Hito. Everything does sound better than Toki wo Koeru Yoru ni and the instrumentals are nice as I actually liked almost all the arrangement of the songs.
(edit) I freaking hate the filter/effect they put on Wakana's voice in Ruriiro no Sora that makes her sounds like she's singing in front of a fan... Like why

Weakest songs are Nagareboshi, Toki no Ne, and Toki wo Koeru Yoru ni. The second weakest part of the album is obviously Wakana's vocal.

Now I'm kinda sad Kalafina doesn't continue after Kajiura because the composers for Wakana songs could've make what I thought would be a better Kalafina.

all in all, good job Wakana and I would actually buy the songs I liked.
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I think it's a mere coincidence.
And i thought Scandal has established their own private label "her" or was it under JVC?
Her is distributed by JVC. I believe there4 is some behind the scenes mov ement of record personel. People at Sony may have moved to JVC and the musicians followed them. For Wakana it was obvious. Spacecraft is affiliated with JVC


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Does anyone know if the instrumental half of the LE release includes Wakana's backing vocals? Or is it only the instrumentation? Just curious... yakusoku no yoake's instrumental would sound a bit hollow at the refrain without it.


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Fair enough on the off vocal bit. I was waffling on whether or not to get the LE since these tracks aren't available for digital purchase...

But I'll splurge for it.


I like Yuki
Wakana's album is up on Spotify, Just started listening to it.

It's actually good. Yakusoku no Yoake is just the first track and I think I'm in love. The Celtic vibes, the flute, the instrumentation, the melody...I'm surprised at how good it is, given how disappointing Toki wo Koeru Yoru ni was.
...but somehow she has TWO artist pages, with Toki wo Koeru Yoru ni in a different page and "Wakana" debut album is another page MIXED UP with some other artist's songs under the same name (Wakana). It's rather messy lol