Vocalist Audition held for New FictionJunction Album

Took a look.

So it is reportedly called PARADE indeed.


vol#16 as tokuten?!??!?!?!

It's 8 months away and they already have a specific date. Dayum.
Also, the tweet mentions From the edge and Soukyu no Fanfare but no Fairy game. Is he just speculating which songs are going to be included?
good question.

inb4 it's a Sony release, not Lantis as I had anticipated based on "fairy game"=PriPri=Lantis and HIGHWAY STAR artists seemingly getting published by Lantis. Omission of "fairy game" would be most disappointing to me, since it's the one I was looking forward to the most.........

there's at least one other tweet corroborating vol16 tokuten and LiSA/SAO songs so v( '')v

rito and LINO LEIA will be guests on FJ radio.

Form for questions deadline is 1800 JST on Wed 7th September 2022: https://fictionjunctionstation.com/answers/FJRadio_message_/new

There will be a FictionJunction radio stream vol.#13 from 1200 JST on Fri 16th September 2022 to 2359 JST on Mon 3rd October 2022.

rito's will be a guest on FictionJunction radio stream vol.#14 from 1200 JST on Tue 4th October 2022 to 2359 JST on Mon 17th October 2022.

LINO LEIA will be a guest on FictionJunction radio stream vol.#15 from 1200 JST on Tue 18th October 2022 to 2359 on Mon 31st October 2022.

Dates/times subject to late change.
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SO FJ now became Kalafina n2. At least this time there wont be someone pressuring for singles and endless live events.