Vocalist Audition held for New FictionJunction Album


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I personally think HInano is great. She had a good first single, and had direction and lessons from Kajiura herself. So there will be improvement there. So if a young person is chosen, it could be like that.
Also Mada dame yo is in the Rebellion ost. I have it. You mean on a standalone vocal album, though? Then no, it's not.


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Both are apparently.

What I don’t understand is that Lino Leia is not listed here in the pamphlet 🤔


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To be honest, I don't know. I misread Nightmare's post in the other thread (with the announcement translation) so I may have jumped the gun in assuming they both were selected in that audition process.

However, looking at Kajiura's tweets it does seems like they both participated in the audition. Someone with actual Japanese-fu would be more reliable than me.


Maybe Lino Leia chose to stay independent but Kajiura wanted to work with her anyway? Iunno....

Edit: Also,
looking at that rito post from HIGHWAY STAR,
"ritoは「梶浦由記/FictionJunctionプロジェクト 参加ヴォーカリストオーディション」にて抜擢となったシンガーの一人で、FictionJunctionのニューアルバム(リリース未定)に参加が決定しています。"

Google translate: rito is one of the singers selected for "Yuki Kajiura / FictionJunction Project Participating Vocalist Audition" and will participate in FictionJunction's new album (release undecided).
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Ya both are accepted afaik but it's up to them if they sign to highway star for their musical career since the audition was meant for new fj album in the first place. Probably the reason they made the no-music agency requirements before is to not overcomplicate things to the contract and ofc to offer them if they wanna join the said agency. In Lino Leia's case, she might not have yet manager representative but will be updated in before the fj album release since she will also release a solo album this year.

And remember, shuri isn't yet announced in the line-up so there might be more surprises lol


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And if they somehow mix-in the Sony tracks "from the edge" and "Soukyuu no FANFARE"... but probably not.

Also I know this is unconfirmed and just MUH SPECULAH but I'm sticking to it:
ERASED ed/"Sore wa chiisana hikari no youna" Kajiura arrange cover with KEIKO on vocal.
It was such an out of nowhere choice in live#17 setlist. Has to be more to it. :p
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What? Why? Those were just released as non-FJ tracks...

Getting the original idea for Fena's OP would be neat though. But if we were getting that, I think they'd already have performed it on live#17.


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Oh my, you're absolutely right. That seems like a no-brainer guess with how much they are performing it.


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I think Kajiura has already confirmed during the lives the erased cover to be included in the album.
Except from that, I beg for less covers and more original songs.
1) Nice.
2) You're right. Though in the back of my head I keep worrying we might get more "from the edge"s than, Iunno, "fairy game"s.


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For sure:
fairy game feat. shuri
Mo Kimi wo Mitakunai feat. rito
Hachigatsu no Organ feat. LINO LEIA
Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no Youna feat. KEIKO?

Logical, obvious:
from the edge feat. LiSA
Soukyuu no Fanfare feat. Eir Aoi&ASCA&ReoNa

6/10? titles

Yep, I need desperately news from this album. I NEED it.
They confirmed to release it for this year but I'm not sure about f that... Maybe Jan/Feb 2023?