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Updating musician biographies

^ but in the bio there wont be anything worthy, like "he manipulated this and that and the other live, but you cant see him in action in any of these, he's just bowing at the end or middle :P"
Why do you have to find it ? He's not in the list of musicians yet, and we dont feature kanjis of the names along with the romanji in credits of discography/lyrics. (because this site is mainly for people who dont know japanese.)
^ Part of the problem when following Japanese artists is both knowing how to say and spell their name in English / romaji, and knowing how to find their name in kanji on Japanese sites.

If one only sees a name like Yoshio Ohira or 大平佳男 on its own, it is difficult to make the association between the two.
yes we have

Christmas Premium LIVE 2013 “Kalafina with Strings”


(if you search the forum you will find the kanji names)

and also

「Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2014」


「X’mas Premium LIVE 2012 “Kalafina with Strings”」


if you think you have sufficient info for a musician profile you can go forth and write it (if you are bored) and I will put in the section :)
I noticed that Korenaga-san has opened a Soundcloud account using the romanisation "Kouichi Korenaga" - should entries for his name be changed from "Koichi" to "Kouichi"?


I have reached Yuki nirvana
^in official pamphlets it's usually romanized as Koichi (similar to how we don't spell Tokyo as Toukyou)


I adore Yuki
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