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Updating musician biographies

Rie Akagi recorded flute for Japanese band Soul Flower Union:

赤木りえ ‏@rieflauta 2 Nov

SFU結成20周年記念盤『ザ・ベスト・オブ・ソウル・フラワー・ユニオン1993-2013』12/25リリース! 初回限定CD3枚組全41曲収録!詳細→ http://bit.ly/16u4HWQ 私も数曲参加して、ソロ吹いています


Arthur Marsh マツシュ・アー ‏@ArthurMarsh2 3 Nov

@rieflauta sounds interesting - I saw Soul Flower Union ( ソウル・フラワー・ユニオン ) at NoNukes 2012.


赤木りえ ‏@rieflauta 2h

@ArthurMarsh2 Thank you Arthur. I recorded with them for 20 years(^ ^)
That's not necessary beause it will create confusion. However I could make it like the vocalists, where there's link for every vocalist, and have a separate links for the live musicians.
^ Within each instrument category, are the musicians currently listed in a particular order? It just seems weird to first list someone who may have only recorded a few studio tracks and never performed live with YK.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
^ why not just organise it alphabetically? organising by how often they perform live for YK seems time consuming
@Kuga: The musicians currently are categorised by the instrument they play, but inside each instrument there isnt any particular order (you could say they are in order of when we added them). If you want I can put the live ones in first in their category.

@aki: Organising by name wouldnt be really helpful since most people remember the instrument and not the name. If you want I can make the names list I proposed above too.
^ That sounds good aki.

Should we include names where we don't have details beyond what tracks or shows they played on? (e.g. the violinist for YK Live vol. #9)
We should also add the manipulator for Kalafina/FJ


and for that matter, for Yuuka Nanri's live show that was recorded for
“LIVE ON” 赤坂[Akasaka]BLITZ 2012.10.13 Full Collection

Yoshio Ohira or 大平佳男

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