Updating/Fixing the Discography



Yoshino Nanjo Best Album THE MEMORIES APARTMENT - Anime - [Limited Edition]​

南條愛乃 ベストアルバム THE MEMORIES APARTMENT - Anime -

M-08 - TV Anime ".hack//Roots" Opening Theme Cover
Composer: Yuki Kajiura

Arranger: Naoyuki Osada
Lyricist: Yuki Kajiura



Does anyone know what happened to the listings for:

Tetsuwan birdy Original Soundtrack 1
Tetsuwan Birdy Original Soundtrack 2

I have both the OSTs so can check details if needed.


I think they were wiped out on the first hack of the site years ago, and then i got lazy to remake them. I ll be glad if you can help :)


I thought you were the one who was updating the alphabetical listing :)

Anyway i started to catch up with the discography entries and made the 2 KnY soundtrack ones
I was lazy to highlight all the instruments in the first one, you can do it if you feel like.

tomorrow i ll do the concert one and maybe JUNNA's single as well.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
I was typing out credits to update vgmdb for Historia osts and along the way I noticed this:

According to my booklet Susumu Nishikawa has the guitar credit for the OST part & storia.
Koichi Korenaga was only on Yume no Daichi.

Is this a mistake in the booklet and was there some erratum online for this? Or mistake on CPM?
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