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Top 5-7 Yuki Kajiura Tracks?


I like Yuki
It's *incredibly* hard...but i'll try:
- I Swear (the whole Fiction II album actually but this one is my fav)
- Tears Fall in My Heart (15-sai no Shiganhei; one of the few tracks with male vocals!)
- flame of despair (Mado Magi; really I had a hard time choosing between this one and sagita luminis)
- M01 (KnK vol 7)
- breath of era (Rekishi Hiwa Historia)
- hear our prayer (Tsubasa Chronicles)
- vanity (the live version in particular bc it's a MASTERPIECE)
I just tried to pick one song out of my most fav albums(excluding Kalafina, See-Saw) but really, I think my answer will be different if you ask me in a day or two xD

maaan I wrote M01 while making the list but I listened to M17 again and now i'm conflicted