Top 5-7 Yuki Kajiura Tracks?


I like Yuki
It's *incredibly* hard...but i'll try:
- I Swear (the whole Fiction II album actually but this one is my fav)
- Tears Fall in My Heart (15-sai no Shiganhei; one of the few tracks with male vocals!)
- flame of despair (Mado Magi; really I had a hard time choosing between this one and sagita luminis)
- M01 (KnK vol 7)
- breath of era (Rekishi Hiwa Historia)
- hear our prayer (Tsubasa Chronicles)
- vanity (the live version in particular bc it's a MASTERPIECE)
I just tried to pick one song out of my most fav albums(excluding Kalafina, See-Saw) but really, I think my answer will be different if you ask me in a day or two xD


maaan I wrote M01 while making the list but I listened to M17 again and now i'm conflicted

Púca Prince

Colours of a Faint Stir - Think it's Elemental Gelade but it could be a different early work by her? Some anime I've never watched. Love the song. Wish they'd used something similar for Xenosaga III battle theme on disc 2. Exciting but also pensive and melancholy.

The World - .hack//SIGN OST1 - Years ago, age 11, me and a friend decided to watch .hack//SIGN after I played the videogame. This played in the opening scenes. My friend turned to me and said 'the music's really cool'.

Das Wandern - .hack//SIGN OST. It's just beautiful and criminally overlooked.

Fatal Fight - Xenosaga II OST - .hack//SIGN was my first experience of Kajiura but I didn't know who she was. I loaded the Xenosaga II promo website (on dial up) and this started playing in the background and from then I was hooked. I was really surprised to find it was the same composer as .hack//SIGN. For me this track is what Kajiura's all about, bizarre techno fused with uileann pipes and mad female chants that shouldn't work but just does. I could never have imagined anything like this before I heard the song.

The Battle is to the Strong - Fate/Zero OST - Just a dang amazing, exciting battle theme.
Days Gone By - Fate/Zero OST

Silent Ceremony - Le Portrait de Petit Cossette. A classic bit of Kajiura. Sinister female chanting creates a sense of dread before an aggressive violin starts tearing shit up.

The Matter is Settled, Anyway - Lord El Melloi Case Files OST. The theme of me say in a London cafe writing a strongly worded email.

Espionage Trap - Princess Principal OST - The theme of me wandering London streets sorting my chores.

Something, Everything is Wrong - Madoka Rebellion OST. See above but Paris.