Top 5-7 Yuki Kajiura Tracks?


I like Yuki
Hey! Just curious what a lot of other listeners like. Anyway, here's mine, in no real order.

1 Promised Pain (Xenosaga III)

2 Mezame (Mai-Hime)

3 Fiction (Fiction Album)

4 Ensei (Mai-Hime)

5 Kibo no Hikari (Hanako to Anne OST 2)


Roses at her doorstep
We have plenty of this post in the forum lol :XD:. Here is my contribution:

1. Everytime you kissed me
2. March
3. Lacrimosa
4. Lotus
5. Fiction
6. Love
7. delete (don't kill me, I just love this song)

Big fan of Emily as you may see


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Too difficult, hue. I guess I can at least pick one track from my top 5 OSTs. And even then, I think these would change depending on my mood, hue.
1.- Voices Silently Sing (Tsubasa Chronicles OST 2)
2.- In Memory of You (Noir OST 2)
3.- Fake Jewel (Petite Cossette)
4.- We're Gonna Groove (Madlax OST 2)
5.- Hit it and Run (El Cazador OST 1)


I like Yuki
Is a difficult question but this is my top 7:
1. Mezame (Mai-Hime OST)
2. Paradigm (Kara no Kyoukai OST)
3. Hikari no yukue (Hokuto no ken OST)
4. The world (Hack//Sign OST)
5. Bloody rabbit (Pandora Hearts OST)
6. She is a Witch (PMMM OST)
7. Lirica (Kalafina)


I am not sure if I miss any track since it sometimes depends on mood too. (Not in particular order)
1. Melody (Pandora Hearts)
2. Will (Pandora Hearts)
3. Sis Puella Magica (PMMM)
4. Everytime you kissed me (Pandora Hearts)
5. My long forgotten cloistered sleep (Xenosaga)
6. Quiet Romance (Kara no Kyoukai)
7. Decretum (PMMM)


1. Shinkai no Kodoku
2. Honno no Tobira
3. Grandpa's violin (hack)
4. the dreamers (tsubasa)
5. My dear feather (tsubasa) - Kokuyou no Kimi (mai-hime)
6. Kouya Ruten
7. Ship of fools (tsubasa)

... are tracks that either bring me to tears or excite me every time or can listen them many times to listen details. If i had an 8 i'd add "dream scape" too, cause she never did a song with that kind of arrangement again, and the melody and rhythm are just awesome.
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Cocho Sensei

I like Yuki
Preparation (Pandora hearts)
Into the light (KnK)
Moonlight melody (Princess principal)
Hepatica (Xenosaga)
Rainbow Main Theme
Image theme of Xenosaga
Surgam Identidem (Madoka)

Tracks that I can think of on top of my head. I had to add moonlight melody because it's just so uplifting o_o
Into the light is probably my all time favorite, maybe even more than Kimi ga hikari... cause of the extra chorus section at the end.

FictionJunction Kalafina

1)The Main Theme of Petit Cossette(Cossette no Shozou)
2) Voices Silently Sing(Tsubasa)
4)Project Levaithan(El Cazador)
5)Inca Rose(El Cazador)
7)Where aI Stand(RHH)

This was a tough one.
Also why wasn't it a top 5-10.
I generally enjoy majority of YK soundtracks.(as you can see I didn't even include FJ/Kalafina work, even some English songs.)


M05 KnK5
My dear feather
Secret Game (noir)
Aura + the awakening version
Optimistically (Zaregoto)
Pandora Hearts expanded
Kibō no hikari (Hanako)

This list changes a lot based on my mood but these are the tracks I find myself listening to the most often..


I have reached Yuki nirvana
There's soooo much that I'd have to do some sorting algorithm to compile a list and even after doing it that way I would probably go "but this track deserves to be mentioned too uwu".

There's some good picks above already so I'll just go with stuff maybe most wouldn't mention and in alphabetical order. :D

aikoi (Tsubasa) <- I don't think there's ever been a YK track that I've had a bigger WATISDIS initial reaction to (when listening to Tsubasa OST4) since I started following her work
chase (Xenosaga2)
Enfant (MADLAX)
Kaishuu Meirei (Elemenetal Gelade) <- why I hate most slow strings she's been doing almost exclusively in the past 10 years
key of the twilight (.hack) <- oh what the heck; should be here by default but noone's mentioned it yet lol
Kirai ni Naritai (See-Saw)
leave me cold (Cossette)

Yaaas, picking M17 over M01. Hi5!
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FictionJunction Kalafina

Yaaas, picking M17 over M01. Hi5!

Don't get me wrong. I still like M01 as much as M17 lol. Same as M41-42

But then again. M17 is much more emotionally provoking than the ladder.



1. saints (MADLAX OST 2, live version when)
Also since I'm a basic YKfan:
2. in the garden of sinners (KnK, I personally think this is the best character theme song she has ever done)
3. Decretum (Madoka Magica, also because I'm basic and Sayaka's "I'm stupid way too stupid" is the most iconic moment from the whole Madoka original series, fight me)
4. Maxwell's witch and everything from El Cazador de la Bruja OST, this OST is way too underrated within YK fandom
5. ship of fools (Tsubasa Chronicle)
6. oblivious because why not, this song is a masterpiece
7. frenetic (RHH)

I feel like i should put something from cossette here but for the love of god i haven't listened to that soundtrack in forever and i can't remember anything but houseki and the main theme of petit cossette, scratch that, Evocation.

Anyway I really need to listen to Elemental Gelade and Xenosaga ost in their entirety, can someone give me link(s) lol

Also Keiko please cover Ballad


El Cazador de la Yuki
ok this is a ridiculously difficult question but I will try to answer it with some songs that haven't been mentioned:

1. Communication Breakdown (Xenosaga 2) - This is my first Kajiura track ever. Filled with emotion, great arrangement, electronica, strings, vocals.

2. Hikari no yukue (Hokuto no Ken) - My first Wakana song. People this is a pop song with Wakana but it has orchestra, epic Tokyo Konsei, composed of multiple parts, dead on brass AND beats. This is I think only one of examples where Kajiura really shines in combining pop and orchestra elements.

DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE NOT LISTENED TO "HOKUTO NO KEN OST" YET IN THIS FORUM ??? An OST I consider to be one of, if not the most, wholesome OSTs and one of Kajiura's best works.

3. Salva Nos (Fiction) - IMO the best Tokyo Konsei and Yuri combo resides in this song.

4. Total Eclipse (Tsubasa) - Kajiura's finest combo of rock/metal and strings and voila a most emotional track.

5. Hepatica (KOS-MOS) (Xenosaga III) - You think it's just Eri's beautiful voice and a calm melody for three minutes. and then... wonderful electronica and strings that add to the song so much.

6. Once upon a time there was you and me (Tsubasa) - Indistinct atmospheric chanty then wonderful flute/piano and then low strings.. strings take over, flute again.. then oops, the song changes tune so fast but so elegantly.

7. Endlessly (Tsubasa) - My first Eri song. She fits perfectly here. Tokyo Konsei plus wonderful melody and you have a song that refreshes you from top to bottom.

I described some of these songs in the Old Review Thread which I still haven't forgotten (..). :)

3. Decretum (Madoka Magica, also because I'm basic and Sayaka's "I'm stupid way too stupid" is the most iconic moment from the whole Madoka original series, fight me)

eh so true..