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Τhe request thread


I like Yuki
I found the chinese cover of Slender Chameleon on JPopsuki, but there are no seeds... Also found Saeko Chiba's Koi no Kiseki.... no seeds.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Can you not access and use mega.nz or figure out the link? If the latter just put the code text after mega.nz et voila.

What chinese cover? o_0


Looking for piano sheets of Haru wa Yuku the late spring ver.
- an accurate one: the exact piano notes, not the singing rendition
- a full-cover one: the exact piano notes on left and right hands + singing rendition on right hand

If someone is aware of anything, please tell me ! Because I'm way too lazy to investigate the trillions of covers on youtube and darknet websites ^^'


Unrelated to Kajiura but does anyone have the Pocket Monsters Anime Best OST 1997-2010 Vol 1 and 2 ? I was sure i had them but now cant find :(
PM if you do.