Sword Art Online [UPD: Alicization "War of Underworld" -2nd half airing starting April 26 2020]


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The Xenosaga II vibes are strong in this one. For the first time a while I felt some passion in a YK ost. Sure the past few had their moments but mostly just tolerable. This shit was good tho. Has the legendary beast from the east been finally unleashed after a decade in detention ??


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^ ah I wouldn't go that far :p

Acutally Remi's voice has become more and more annoying to hear in the ost... I like the ost but I think it still lacks the punch of the beast so to speak.. but it's definitely enjoyable so hurray.


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Finding the Hope sounds like her arrangement, it does sound Kajiura when she's singing but the instrumentals are almost Sawano, I know it's not. I like it a lot. Other songs I love: Days of Swordcraft in the Academy (reminds me of a Cecil Corbel song, I was waiting for the swordland theme to come or vocals which both did not, and I still love it), Administrator, We Have to Save Her!, Confronting the Enemy, Project Acilization, Searching for Something (the one before the cave scene, love it, a lot like Xenosaga's Abel Ark I think.), The Legendary Sword, Have Fun! is that folkish song that is different for this type of soundtrack. It's like a Hanako reject, but she still wanted it in something. lol There is Eerie but it takes awhile to get there heh. I like Mysterious Voice, out of the ambiance tracks. There were quite a few and I was like, really? I am hoping for more vocals on the next ost, if she ever writes more. She could use other singers. (I am not hating on her or anything, just my opinion) I would give it an 8/10. :dote:


I've been listening to this ost for the past few days and it is a definite step up from the past seasons. Even though it has all the usual instruments and ideas, the music just has a lot more movement if that makes sense. The sfx tracks are also much better with a few exceptions.

I think my favorite track ended up being If She was Here. It's a very typical Kajiura piano piece, but the accompanying harp just makes it so special.


I think that maybe if you listen to past season OSTs you will see them in a different light. Mother Rosario (OST4) bgms had a similar style with those from alicisization ost 1.


^ True, i found the scans and wtf Aniplex, they have 2 pages of interview without Kajiura, 2 pages for the trainee girl characters, 2 pages for the silly song and its credits and one page with "comment" :uh..:, and for the soundtrack only the tracklist and "Music: Yuki Kajiura" (with tiny letters too), i guess we can expect that neither of the other 2 osts will have credits. Music collection vol 2 after ost 3 i guess.
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Aniplex must have something against Yuki Kajiura, I swear...
At least we can read some interviews on Newtypes and LisAni magazines, if I remember well.

Oh, and I just realized that Lord El Melloi is also distributed by Aniplex. Which could mean 2 years without THE Composer in the stores, and growing...

Music Collection Vol.2 after OST 6, you mean ? They'll most likely release the entire Arc soundtrack once it's finished... next year so...


Well if they hated her they wouldnt give her so many projects of them, FSN HF, Sao Alicisation, Kimetsu, Lord El Mellloi to name this year's. They just probably use her fame as a way to boost the popularity of their projects (Kimetsu being the best example with Go Shiina doing 90% of the music but using her bgms for the trailers) but dont give back to her enough: bundles everywhere, no credits on sao booklets, some tracks remain unreleased (even though they are significantly less than the pre-aniplex period - i can send u some sao unreleased rips if you want).

And yes after cour 2 is most possible
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【Release】『ソードアートアート・オンライン アリシゼーション 』Blu-ray&DVDリリース追加情報
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The booklet will include Yuki's interview, it's new, LOL.


^ but without OST credits again LOL. Its a first that they publise a SAO YK interview like this, until now it was either in limited stuff nobody could buy, or magazines.


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Without having seen the show, I thought the last couple of volumes had decent covers. The 2nd and 3rd one were probably the worst to me.

On the other hand, if I were buying them, the lack of continuity between them would annoy me, lol. It's like all have different artists and concepts (even the framing).