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Sword Art Online [UPD: Alicisation arc continues on October 2019 | OST 3 announced]


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Every season of sao has had a sexual assault scene, so this is pretty much par the course for the show. This one was so bad the author apologized on twitter and the anime inserted a warning at the beginning of the episode.

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That precautioned scene is quite more unfavourable compared to the previous ones. I understand why they gave the warning. That scene is kinda annoying. But the story became more interesting. I was thinking about giving up on this series before watching this episode, but I think I'll keep watching it for a while. Want to see how the story about the taboo index turns out. The re-appearance of a main character and nice music in this episode are also good reasons for watching the show.
Every season of sao has had a sexual assault scene, so this is pretty much par the course for the show. This one was so bad the author apologized on twitter and the anime inserted a warning at the beginning of the episode.
Well mother's Rosario and the Excalibur arc had none though :)

Its weird how they use so many old bgms on this. Yes they are okay but maybe some new bgms would be more preferable ? I do like new ones: the last bgm of the ep the piano bgm before it, and the horns arrangement of swordland :)

And yes that scene was pretty brutal for a tv anime, especially considering that the previous seasons had almost no blood at all, i think only psychopass and such, have more like that, from those that air on tv anyways
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As translated by @frog_kun on Twitter,Kawahara recently stated in an interview with Newtype magazine that he first wrote the Alicization arc more than ten years ago. Noting that he wrote the entire arc almost in one go, briefly stopping because he got stuck one time. To break from this, he then created and submitted the Accel World series for the Dengeki Novel Prize in 2008. He actually won the Grand Prize for his work that year too!

What's surprising is that the Alicization arc didn't begin in the light novel series until the 9th volume in 2012. Meaning that while Kawahara started work for the arc early on, he continued working on it and fine tuning it for quite some time. The amount of work and passion going into the Alicization arc explains why fans have been drawn to it, and why it seems so different from what has come in the series before.

If he's been fine tuning this arc for that long, then it would explain its strong first impression. Unfortunately, all that time working on it still left the arc with a glaring mark on it with its use of sexual assault as a plot device. Though Kawahara has explained his reasoning behind the use of it.

Recently, Kawahara decided to address the issue after an episode of Sword Art Online: Alicization housed a scene featuring graphic assault. Not only did the writer apologize to the show’s actors for having to act the scene out, but he revealed why he used the plot device at all.

"This may be a bit late, but if you're wondering why SAO has so many of those scenes, a considerable number of light novels (although they weren't called light novels back then), epic sagas, and adventure stories I read back in middle school contained those plot elements. I would cite Ōgun Hakusha (Gold Spur) as a representative title. My writing was bound to that as if it were under a spell,” Kawahara wrote. (via ANN)

"These days, the spell has finally worn off. Nowadays I would prefer to express catharsis through other means. If it was an absolutely necessary scene for the story, I would write it, but I would prefer to do that in a book that isn't a light novel."

Continuing, Kawahara said he was shocked the anime made its recent episode so graphic. “I believe that the level of grittiness in SAO is extremely average for light novels. The directing, animation, and voice acting in the anime are too powerful, which has absolutely boosted the impact [of the scenes],” he explained.

For fans, this explanation is a considerate one as many have questioned Sword Art Online’s use of assault before. The franchise has used the plot device a few times to spur its male heroes into action, leaving its female leads to suffer for misogynistic silence. Now, Kawahara admits he’s matured enough as a writer to avoid cheap sequences of assault, and fans of Sword Art Online are happier for it.

new bgm with piano
bgm with a bit of Remi
new bgm kinda atmospheric
new bgm with grand aura (has strings tympani and flute)
bgm with electronic sfx and strings
new piano bgm
old bgm
new bgm with strings
new battle bgm with strings (that one seemed really good)
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Episode 12

- same bgm from ep 11 continued for a bit :)
some old bgms in between
-the new bgm is played again
-more new bgm with just strings
-more new bgm with piano
- harp bgm
- longer of old bgm with bass and accoustic piano, it has remi vocals too
[insert other new bgms that i was was too absorbed by the plot to note down]


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Wow already. Also yeah... ep 10 was revolting. I fast forwarded most of it, until Kirito came in, which what the heck took him so long since he was going to go check on their room? Really... it almost made me sick. Plus the animation not being that great didn't help. which sucks since I liked the song during it too. Anyways, so when it starts again it will have a new op and ed? I hope Yuki will write at least one of them.


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^I just meant any of them, since there's going to be 50 episodes. Also I like the LiSA song a lot more than the first one, where she was screaming a lot (at least to me it seemed that way, I liked the Aoi one though, and people complain about her screaming lol) I haven't watched ep 12 yet, I will though tonight if possible.


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No, I like LiSA, I guess I just didn't like the 1st song as much. Maybe the chorus and not the verses? If that makes sense. She can sing the really fast paced songs which makes me wonder how they are live, but it makes me out of breath listening. Heh


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Just finished watching all the previous episodes and I must say she did a decent job for the first 12 episodes. No outstanding music but I like dem fantasy tracks I hope the official ost is a bit longer. Good thing they inserted some of the previous OST as to avoid repeating too much. Not yet triggered by the sound director :D

Anyone noticed they didn't invited Haruna Luna for the next OP and ED? I wonder why....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lrjei-WN5Wk OP and ED previews by ASCA and Reona(plss don't give her insert song in the anime)

Next episode later :waii:
Ep 13

There was one new bgm in the Adminstrator - Cardinal fight but was nothing special, and one more near the end (with the power up)

most others were too low to notice while watching.


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After the darkboring tracks used in episode 13, kind of dissapointed in episode 14 as I'm expecting new tracks to welcome the new cour(we had like 2? new ost). They could at least request Kajiura to make a separate theme to Eugeo but swordland rendition again. I feel like that oboe track is out of place in SAO but 's good tho.

They already uploaded the full new OP and ED, dunno why I'm expecting good(ED is okay) but those are definitely stock musics it's triggering me. At least Lisa's Adamas made an effort to put a sword theme on the lyrics and same as the ED Iris making a tribute to Eugeo. And google translating the interiew on Reona, I assume that the coupling track/s? will be also used on some episode in SAO. I'm fine with it for ED but please don't be grimgar-insert songs forced into scenes. That's why I only trust Kajiura on insert songs :XD:
Episode 15 had at least 2 new bgms all for battles,.The hype for the battles is alot more than in the previous seasons though, and the bgms are more variable than in the past too, and got more detail to them.
Episode 16: new bgm with flute chorus and strings. During the Alice batlle. I liked the bgm alot as she hasnt made the flute chorus combo ever before. (Except maybe once upon a time there was you and me but that was ages ago)
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