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Yes he seems to have income from somewhere else, otherwise its not explained. All his AoT songs have been some kind of rearrangement of Guren no Yumiya and Bravely Default 1 ost was before that, and there was almost nothing after it.


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Well yes he did and some BDs of them but how much would these give him?, surely not enough for this much time gap without anything new.

previous years he only did one single for AoT, 1 single for a whole year, for 2018 and 2019 respectively.
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Don't worry, he has been selling his ridiculous expensive deluxe editions that include bricks and drawers lmao.

This year has lots of things:
SH 15th anni. concert
SH mjor releases remasters
Maybe a new SH release judging by the teaser in the website (nearest future)
Probably new SNK theme song
Does anyone have the Bravely Default Luxendarc single, album, and raibu (mp4 or mkv)? I've only found dead links and torrents. Guess I got into Bravely Default too late hue.
Unless there's something happening on my side with playback of these so called "UHQCD"s, I'm gonna say the "Re:Master Production" reissues are shite based on the album I just got. There's even more compression and clipping than on its initial release (after looking at the waveform, I think they just applied more gain and called it a day - it flatlines at 0dB for multiple samples all over the track I checked). I'm incredibly disappointed.

Only buy them if you feel the need to support SH no matter the quality or must have them on your shelf to look pretty. They do look pretty.
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