See-Saw LIVE ~Dream Field 2019 (December 15, 2019)


Many favourite songs in the setlist. Could there be an audio recording instead of cameras ? (for Live CD). So happy this live finally happened :)

@sarasara Did indio had Kasahara or nah ?

aww kirai ni naritai and swimmer are my fav old see-saw songs..




And another one:



I have reached Yuki nirvana
All the photos so far are so damn tiny. I think oricon's twitter versions are the largest (but still small).


Attached below my view of the stage from my random draw ticket🤣
The live was incredible, after all these years Chiaki Ishikawa still sounds just like on the Dream Field CD.

My native Japanese friend was next to me translating, here are some tidbits from the MC we jotted down. It was a lot of joking between the two with a lot of bittersweet nostalgia.

1) Yuki and Chiaki talk a lot about how they never got to perform Dream Field live as YK got too busy with anime/FJ/Kalafina. They made a lot of jokes about playing this "new song" for the first time despite it being 17 years old.

2) YK felt nervous for the first time in many years performing Dream Field live as it brought back a lot of nostalgic memories of starting off in the music industry. handing fliers out for their old live performances. Plus the history of her first song Swimmer.
She mentions that during her other lives there was always a set plan/schedule and next lives. With See-Saw she doesn't know if they will perform this again. So there's a lot of pressure to do the best they can this show. Hence no future announcement. But judging from how completely packed the venue was who knows.

3) they both talk about how the original Gundam seed ending Anna ni Issho Datta no ni completely changed their career paths. Chikai talks about people just refering to her as Gundam girl for a long time fans couldn't remember her name.


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LOL Gundam girl :XD: Yes lets hope they make more lives, even if its once per year. They have alot more songs to perform. thank you so much to both you and your friend ^_^
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Kagaribi no Hanabira

Really want to watch the performance of Tasogare no Umi, Seijaku wa Headphone no naka, Senya Ichiya, Kioku, Kimi ga ita Monogatari, Anna ni issho datta no ni and Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru. Considering the meaning of the lyrics, Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru is a good choice for the ending.

TBH...I feel a bit sorry that I want to hear Konno's violin on these pieces as much as Chiaki singing...TAT... Many of them have such beautiful and enchanting violin melodies, esp. those from .hack series.

Quite surprised that there were Obsession and Edge in the setlist. They sound more like a piece for a soundtrack more than a stand-alone Jpop song when compared to the others. Hmm..Kioku may fall in the same group, but it's my favourite from See-Saw though.

From what I've read from twitter using google translate (which may not much It seems that both of them (as well as Korenaga?) get really emotional during encore. Did Kajiura really cry at the beginning of the last song or it's the translator fault?

About Chiaki being called Gundam girl, I heard that before as well and I guess that it's even more established when she sang other 2 songs for (Can't remember it's from this webboard or from somewhere else though..., but it's long after Gundam SEED ended.) Though I love their songs from .hack much more.