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See-Saw LIVE ~Dream Field 2019 (December 15, 2019)


See-Saw LIVE ~Dream Field 2019~ 開催決定‼



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是永巧一 (Guitar)、西川 進 (Guitar)、佐藤強一 (Drums)、高橋“Jr.”知治 (Bass)、
今野 均 (Violin)、中島オバヲ (Percussion)、大平佳男 (Manipulator)

◆チケットFC先行: 8月26日(月)予定
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Notice how they remembered Susumu Nishikawa after so many years ! (so nostalgic)

wanna see the face of the spacecraft executives now that they cant benefit from the see-saw (soon to be again) money cow :3
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I like Yuki
I've been kind of dreaming abour this moment for around 10 years and now that is a reality... Flight tickets are soooooooo expensive from Europe 😔 I'll still try to get the tickets and I will decide afterwards... Could someone explain the process to get them please? Thanks!


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More details from ishikawa’s website, ticket price is 7700 yen, but the actual price will below 9000 yen including service charges of ticketing site.


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Sailor Yuki
Sidebar: do you think the reason we didn’t get a See-Saw reunion earlier was due to Spacecraft restrictions?


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oh wow. this is fantastic. I bet reunion of SeeSaw will mean very good things for Kajiura's osts as well :)))

I was just listening to Swimmer!!!! Please have that in the setlist too:))
Definitely. I actually thought that if Chiaki was ever a surprise guest at a Kajilive, their first song would be swimmer.