See-Saw LIVE ~Dream Field 2019 (December 15, 2019)


Omg thats so beautiful <3


I see a pattern about Yuki being on the spotlight (=more important) and Chiaki in the shadows. Also Yuki's outfit is more colourful and Chiaki's simple and in dark colour.


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A pattern based on what exactly? 1 photo?

PS. I kinda don't like it. Looks like a regular phone photo. Maybe that's exactly it - a photo from the set, rather than an actual pamphlet photo. Maybe.


sorry wrong wording, more like a "theme". And yes, maybe its made intentionally to look like amateur photo. But the lightning and the place are surely carefully picked up.


Yeah for a cute Instagram photo I love it, but for an advertisement pamphlet it’s not too impressive.


Can we please get a roll call of who will be attending the See-Saw live?

I will be attending.

PS, Kaori Hikita has a small live on the day before (Saturday 14 December 2019). If you can attend, I would also recommend it.

Terry Tsurugi

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櫻田泰啓 (Yasuhiro Yamada?) will play keyboard at the concert.
Isn‘t this our guy Sakurada? He’s also playing in Hikaru’s raibu. So glad to see him getting some gigs after not working on any Kajiura projects for over a year.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Eh? I mean, he was on PriPri live already so it's not really news that he's still working with Kajiura.