oh my goodness~ I love the preview songs \(^0^ )

edit: now that I'm looking at Remi in the side, she has an almost similar nose as Hikaru
Errr... I really don't... Sorry. The orchestra is just obnoxiously loud and uninteresting, while Remi simply doesn't sound pleasant to my ears - WTF with that terrible toilet reverbation and amplification on the operatic parts (I've never seen anyone record the way they do in that video but what do I know), and sadly she doesnt sound much better in Lost Locus.

Maybe the full versions are not like this but what they have in this trailer is NotGood to me.
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I would agree that the orchestra is WAAAY too loud. I can hardly hear Remi over them. Remi herself sounder fine, but she was just being outplayed by the orchestra. Btw, orchestra, have you heard of a dynamic called pianissimo? It means you get really quiet. It's two little p's.

Replying to @george1234 To me, Remi has always looked a little closer to Kaori :XD:
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it could have been really nice but there are really some serious issues as grunty mentioned.
in the final version, they might tend to some of the problems quite easily. (adjusting the volumes of orchestra and Remi)
I think I can like Before the dawn and amarantine.

her voice in lost locus is a bit jarring..
though it is impressive that Remi composed all these.
^Oops! Sorry, I didn't have much time to type that, so I thought you were the one who posted above grunty... :bow:
OST for Shinmai Maou no Testament (Yasuharu Takanashi - contains REMI and Miki vocals ) is out by collection the probably mean standalone release of the BD bundled osts.

BGM MUSICIAN [Track 02-37]
Sound Produced, Composed & Arranged by Yasuharu Takanashi (Team-MAX)

Keyboards: Yasuharu Takanashi
Strings: Motoi Strings
Violin: Makoto Motoi
Guitars & Mandolin: Kenji Fujisawa
Flute, Recorder & Low Whistle: Hideyo Takakuwa
Chorus: Remi, Miki Masuda
Synthesizer Programmer: Jun Takayama
Music Preparation: Seiji Hotta (Team-MAX)

Also Kaori Oda version of the OP song included
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【4/29ライブ詳細】2016.4/29Remi Live"Aurora"の詳細が発表されました!CLUB CITTA' HP先行販売2016.1/16~1/29!!そしてプレイガイド先行販売は 1/29~2/3です(Webスタッフ)…


Remi 2nd Live [Aurora]

2016年1月発売の『Remi』 2nd NEW Album [Aurora] レコ発ライブ!






OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00

◆全席指定 ◆前売り¥6,000(税込)


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◆主催:Star Garnet Records
◆企画・制作:Star Garnet Records

◆問合せ:CLUB CITTA' 044-246-8888

you're welcome ;)

from a very swift listen, my favourites are Amarantine and Before the dawn I think + into my imagination.

I feel the arrangement is a bit bland sometimes, wish Kajiura did the arrangement xD.

seems there are some technical issues as well
I really like Realize a Dream, Moon Glowing and A Torch Song (but I don't really like how her voice sounds here).
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Thank you @wat11 so much! :dote:

I can't wait to listen to it. I remember liking Long Locust a lot from the promo video, so I hope it stands up to it.