Post your desktop picture.


I miss playing this game. Square Enix and Cavia gave a huge tease in the artbooks, since they drew official designs for a High School AU that they never acknowledged anywhere else, and I kinda want it to be made...
^ It's a nice game. And by "nice", I mean "good", since it's a very, ah... Dark, story-wise.

ninetales said:

Back to this again~ :dote: Looks the same as it did then, only with the four icons rearranged and the Language Bar at the top (to prevent it from doing weird things to my Start bar).

Soon it will be brighter, because I'm moving my desk upstairs for the autumn :sohappy:
^ :nosebleed: are you, ahh by any chance willing to share the picture :spotlight:


though seriously are you willing to? :spotlight:
It's like this, but bigger. And edited.

I need more Akiko art in my life, dammit.

AHAHA. .poor mommy.Ai Enma is cute.I used Enma as my wallpaper before.