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Poll for YK Birthday Project 2018

Which idea should we materialise this year for YK Birthday Project 2018?

  • "Artist book" which introduces to YK some local artists in members' countries

    Votes: 9 40.9%
  • Best song of each year chosen by CPM members

    Votes: 13 59.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Both ideas can also include messages / fanart.

You have a July 1 - July 8 window to vote.

Dont just vote based on what sounds better. The best song will require dozens of polls and it will not take much space in the present too.
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Can you elaborate on the song of each year? Do we just pick one that we like, or does it have to be a poll decision? There are so many! Sorry I did not vote... this sounds a lot easier than previous years. heh
Yes it ill be appreciated :) there is a website that Kowz gave https://www.strawpoll.me/ , it be nice if some of us cooperate and make one poll for each year from the discography, (each page is for 2 years) because it ll take days to do it by myself.

Have as poll question "Best composition/music involved of Yuki Kajiura of year [number]"
make sure to only include tracks where YK is involved, because there are some collab releases, and skip all "exit trance" stuff
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i ll do 1992-2000 tomorrow, so you can do 2001-2004 for start :)

remember, 1 poll for each year.

im still not sure if we should include karaokes and instrumentals / off vocals of singles. Some are surely worthy like those for honnoh no tobira.