Poll about the new website theme background (please vote)

New site layout, you prefer white-ish or current (yellowish) background ?

  • whiteish (suggested)

    Votes: 9 81.8%
  • yellowish (current)

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • other (specify)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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  • Fixed horizontal scroll / blank area on right
  • fixed header text wrapping
  • Yes, @george1234, not seeing subtle patterns on uncalibrated screens is a risk. Nothing I can do there, I think. You probably need to adjust your laptop's screen
  • No, I'm keeping out the redundant header and sidebar links.
  • Played with viewport so phones will hopefully behave better
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Same for my phone except that i need to swap to right to see the non header area

Thanks sud, i ll look for options on how to calibrate then

EDit: they now appear.

If you except the phone portait view header issue addressed above , the new theme looks perfect now on both my laptop and tablet. :)

EDIT2: @Sudrien, @juchanx3 says that the ribbon where Home Forum Gallery Chat are, will be better if its same colour as the forum's ribbon for these buttons , to match them up :)
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@aki, how does the site look on you phone now? I reoriented things, and the smallest screen width compresses the header & omits the background image.

Colors might be tuned a bit more. Want to let it sit a bit first.
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HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Looks great! The only thing I would change is to make the sidebars on mobile more centered (Maybe fill the page?), and make the previously left sidebar (with navigation) more flush with the previously left (guestbook). Pic of what I'm describing is below. I would also make the names on the guestbook more prominent, they blend in against the date and text (maybe move to other side or above the date, make bigger font, and different color?)


The Desktop site looks really good ^w^


I have reached Yuki nirvana
@Sudrien not a bug, just an aesthetic thing. could the "posted/updated [date]" thing be centered on the page again? it looks ok for newsposts, but weird for discography and other pages

i also still find the guestbook difficult to read just bc it looks like a wall of text, but if it's too much of a headache don't worry about it

one last thing. @george1234 i assume you dont need me to make another header option anymore? i think @juchanx3 's is great and much better than anything i could make
  • Fixed sidebar with for screens under 500px wide
  • Messed with guestbook sidebar styling
  • Better match of background color before background image is painted in
  • Comments link added
  • Centered Posted/Updated dates
  • @juchanx3 , Thank you, but I'm of the the opinion the current header size if fine. I rather not make The text and the blouse compete.
Still considering:
  • Header font colors
  • Reducing numbers of fonts in use (or, "no Georgia")
  • Guestbook "wall of text" layout changes (would effect comments on all posts) - or was it the sidebar being complained about?
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
Guestbook "wall of text" layout changes (would effect comments on all posts) - or was it the sidebar being complained about?
it was the sidebar guestbook i was referring to. the lines make it much less a wall of text, thank you
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