New main site layout

@aki that space on the left, I'm not sure if I can use it :// have to ask the webmaster. The part I worked on is more than 760px, george said to me that is the maximum value of the width.

I will try to use the picture you posted @maxwell9 thank you so much!

see @george1234 I dislike the yellow as well... >.<'
^ i didnt say it, i just pasted what Kerahna told me that Sudrien said ^^

the quote was this
the content stops getting wider after 1250px, 760px and less is considered 'mobile'
keep the main stuff around 760
height can be whatever they want within reason

which means that you can still put stuff on the left part, but Yuki and title of site should be within the 760
I know "you" didn't say that, you got my point...
Right then, I'll think about what I can do with the space on the left.

Attention the background color doesn't necessary have to look like this. It's just a test.
The results are getting better and better :love:

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The chat ? You mean the chat or the one thats to the side ? Ask Sudrien for that :)

@ juchan : This is awesome ! When does the 760 start ? Does it chop yuki's arm ?

At the right of Yuki there is a shade that looks like a man, its kinda creepy xd, can u alter it so it doesnt look like that ?
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i love her vine wings, they are perfect for our site motto :dote:
Cut the header into 2 parts, the second one is 760px wide.


The menu can be reproduced using simple html/css.

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You're welcome. I had fun :) :dote:

Please notify me when you change the main layout, I want to see.