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焔の扉 honoh no tobira

I’ll open the door of dawn with my injured fingers
Because I’ve decided to choose tomorrow with my own hands

The wind,
hold now strongly the flame I’m wearing

Through the door
I wave my gentle hand
and take tears away
to believe love again

Whom do those faintly twinkling lights send off?
Children point at the flowers
that bloom in the heaven

To the disappeared horizon,
they fly off to search for the seeds of hope

Evening calm is passing
Sadness, watch me quietly now
until the day I come back to my home again

Red rain showers down on the earth of grief
Cry of the wind fans the dark flame

It’s a distant promise
Nostalgic voice
Please hold my trembling heart
my dear...

To the door of flame
I’ll wave my hand
and take my tomorrow
From my heart I want to know love again
Now the sky of destiny


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As for the Ensei/Himeboshi debate, many people know the song as "ensei" because whoever originally ripped the soundtrack for english audiences romanized the title and tagged the mp3 as "ensei" :XD: But of course JASRAC says "himeboshi". I think we should change it to himeboshi but keep the link of "ensei" so fans looking for "ensei" will still be able to find it



Around the time the lonely sound of drums
echoes to the end of the sky

Suddenly my heart gets transparent
I listen to its redemption

At the autumn dusk when tenderness showers down
Why does bitter-sweetness well up in me,
not knowing where it was born?

I could go farther if I were able to walk without getting lost
In the silence of exhausted tears
I keep on singing

Please don’t believe
my tears nor sighs
I just like vain feelings a little better
than others do

By the pale window, the melody shed silent tears
and mourn the dream of love, leaving behind the shadow of happiness
I wonder we could’ve come farther if we had been able to walk separately
It kisses the white cheek that is looking back

The autumn dusk tenderness showers down at
goes easy on the loneliness I would want to disappear with
I wonder I could’ve come farther if I had been able to walk without getting lost
Under the too deep sky
I keep on singing

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Thank you for uploading and editing. Could you check my translation of "Aikoi" as well? It's at the first page of this thread.

As for Silly-go-Round,
In stanza 4, I forgot to put "alone".
Please add "alone" to it, like "We still have to keep on running alone..."

I did't write the last line of stanza 4.
"pull me back to you" is unnecessary, I think.

The last stanza means the same as the first.

As for Honoh no Tobira,
In stanza 2, He(she) is ordering(or asking) the wind to hold(support?) the flame that he(she) is wearing.

As for the last stanza of nostalgia, the first line,
the subject is "yuugure"(twilight), the object is "sabisisa"(lonliness), and the verb is "amayakasu" (be easy on, be soft on)

and, in the last half of this stanza,
He(she) is just wondering. "...kana" expresses speaker's anxiety. So He(she) is not determined.

Could you take them into consideration so that the translation get more faithful to the original?

BTW, in Romaji of nostalgia ,the 2nd line in the last stanza,
"aki no hi no yuugure ni"
"ni" is maybe mistype. It is "wa".


荒野流転 kouya ruten

We roam and wade on the land
where the moon shadow freezes
The era of destruction and resurrection begins

Hoisting freedom heavily,
choosing a pathless path,
we go over the sunset that is brighter than midday

The ship of time goes as if it speaks about dreams
A new dawn is over the dark path

We were born from the arms of darkness
We wander toward the light
as if we fall in love that is not to be fulfilled
There is no way to return
on this endless path

Questioning our survival,
being scared of death,
sorrow is in our breath

Our shouts fade into loneliness
and sip our teardrops
Everyone roams alone through the wilderness

The flower shines white
Is that the moon’s dream?
The twinkling light beckons us
over the misty hill

We listen to the music of eternity that echoes in our hearts
Even though we fade away in a moment
like the sand wandering in the wind,
we go on this endless path toward far in the wilderness

We were born from the arms of darkness
We are attracted by the light
as if we fall in love that is not to be fulfilled
There is no way to return
on this endless path

We go further…


thanks oolong! I must have mispasted some things when i was tired! I'll fix them soon and also aikoi and kouya :sohappy:



The fickle truth of my heart
was broken down by just a drop of your tears
I lost the world I was in until yesterday

Where is the path I ran without looking back?
What song did I used to sing in those days when I saw flying dreams?

“My true self” has always meant
“my ideal self ” that is more beautiful than my real self, hasn’t it?

What a poor singing That’s a laugh I was so childish
But I was singing of yesterday’s conflict seriously

We’ll go on living in an illusion
With my heart not getting used to the fact that I’m not alone
Where did the dream I saw yesterday disappear to?
For the first time I saw a rainbow in the clear sky
Day so far…

If I gave the back to you
There would be things I can see and can’t see
Someone is crying in the twilight

Are you there? We are uneasy, hand in hand
I get lonelier than when I’m alone

Even so, only because you still smile at me
I’ll deceive myself and think the wild waves in my heart a hope
Where will the dream I have with you disappear to?
Over the invisible rainbow in the distant clear sky
We go far…

I don’t know how many times I've shouted “I can’t anymore”
I’ll still walk through the vast crowd

We’ll reborn again and again
With our hearts that have regrettted yesterday over and over
Where can the dream I have with you go to?
Over the rainbow we draw in the clear sky
In the light


Romaji of Utsukushisa, 4th stanza, has a mistype.


mada todokanai
todoki wa sinai


Thank you oolong! When I find time I will fix all the lyrics of these songs in the way you pointed out, until now I have fixed aikoi and Kerahna Endless Sky :sohappy:

akai tsukikage

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Flying Dog no Christmas discography entry lists Yuki Kajiura for lyrics for Quiet Night. Is that correct, and therefore should they lyrics be added to the lyrics section?


Another song with no lyrics listed (not sure if they are just Kajiurago) is "she has to overcome her fear" from
Sword Art Online II Original Soundtrack I


Missing See-Saw lyrics, I'll try to provide scans:

Eien (early best track 4, I have a dream track 8, Kirai ni Naritai track 2)
Suhada ~No-Make~ 「素肌~ノーメイク~」 (two versions) (early best track 1, No Make single track 1, See-Saw album track 2)
Tattahitori no Anata e (early best track 11)
Timecard Love (I have a dream track 4)
Tooi Timpani (I have a dream track 10, early best track 9)

[Edit]Scans provided, transcription check needed and translation wanted for "Tattahitori no Anata e".

"Eien", "Tatta no Anata e" and "Timecard Love" transcriptions and translations still to be added to main site:

Eien at:
Tatta no Anata e at:

Timecard Love at:

Eien uploaded in kanji only with credits
Suhada ~No-Make~ 「素肌~ノーメイク~」clarified entry, need to add 素肌 to lyric listing
Tatta Hitori no Anata e 「たった一人のあなたへ」 added
Tooi Timpani - had been present, but part of lyric list was out of order, fixed
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Eien from I Have A Dream: