List sites for anime/drama/games where Yuki Kajiura wrote the OST?


I just came across:

It's already mentioned in one of the RHH threads, but I wouldn't know where to look for the URL's for projects (specifically any pages talking about the soundtracs and YK's music) where Yuki Kajiura wrote the soundtracks.

Should that be added to the "by project" discography?


there's no real need because: a) all you need to do is to google the title and go at the bottom of the respective wikipedia page b) no all sites have menthion of Yuki Kajiura (text bio photos etc), only Hanako, RHH and Achilles to Kame ones. (the others only Music: Yuki Kajiura)

but we could add them to the pre project, below each project's info.